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Intel i7-12650HX debuts: 55W 14-core, hard-packed notebook

The vPro commercial platform has been upgraded , and the Intel 12th generation Core is complete? Not also. Intel also has a big reception.

There is an unreleased 12th generation Core mobile processor in UserBenchmark, model i7-12650HX, 14 cores and 20 threads, that is, 6 performance cores, 8 energy efficiency cores, base frequency 2.3GHz, average turbo frequency acceleration 4.05GHz (Not necessarily the highest value), the matching memory is DDR5 SO-DIMM.

Intel‘s current product line has an i7-12650H, but it only has 10 cores and 16 threads (6 large and 4 small).

Judging from the current indications, the i7-12650HX belongs to the unreleased H55 series, which is oriented to the mobile terminal, but uses a special S-BGA package with a power consumption range of 45-55W, which can be regarded as a desktop integrated package for the mobile terminal.

The H55 series appeared on the roadmap earlier, but the configuration is only 8 large and 8 small, 4 large and 8 small, and it seems that 6 large and 8 small are added.

In addition to the i7-12650HX, there should be higher-end i9-12980HX, i9-12900HX, etc. in this series.

PS: AMD often imitates Intel‘s product naming method, but this time HX seems to be stealing from AMD. The latter’s HX series is the top mobile version, and the power consumption is open to 45W+.