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The new preview version of Win11 is here: see what’s new

Microsoft recently pushed Windows 11 Build 22567 through the Insider channel, bringing design improvements and some new features.

The preview update is called “Windows 11 Insider Preview 22567 (NI_RELEASE)” and it comes from an active development branch codenamed “Nickel”.

Microsoft said that the functions of this new version are not necessarily related to the official version in the future, which means that some functions of the preview version may not appear in the official version, but it is not inevitable that they will not appear.

Build 22567 isn’t as big as previous updates, but it brings a slew of improvements to Windows Update and the Microsoft Account Settings page. According to the official release, Windows Update will now prioritize updates in the background when energy sources such as wind or solar are used.

It is understood that this is part of Microsoft‘s efforts to reduce carbon emissions, helping Microsoft to achieve energy-saving emission reduction goals. Of course, users can also manually choose to download and install Windows Updates immediately by going to Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates.

So how does Windows 11 Build 22567 work? According to Microsoft, Windows Update will pull regional carbon intensity data from electrichMap or WattTime.

If the feature is supported in your region, a hint text will appear on the settings page. However, the feature is still rolling out and will not be available to all users at this time.

In addition, Windows 11 Build 22567 has other updates, such as Microsoft rolling out a new “Your Microsoft Account” feature under “Settings” > “Accounts” to help users monitor their OneDrive storage, payments, subscriptions and Microsoft 365 information.

After the update, users can view the new interface for Microsoft 365 subscription management and also view payment details.

If you don’t have a subscription, Microsoft will use the settings page to highlight the benefits of Microsoft 365. If you don’t have a premium account now, you can still access your Office Web Apps, OneDrive storage or upgrade to a Microsoft 365 subscription.

In addition, Microsoft has also updated Windows 11’s OOBE (Out-of-the-Box Experience) integration with Android phones.

You can link your phone and computer directly from the OOBE screen, giving you instant access to everything on your phone after setting up your desktop for the first time. On Windows 11 computers, users can access Android phone apps, text messages, calls, etc. in the PC.

In terms of UI, Microsoft has modified the pop-up window for selecting an application to open a file to conform to the Fluent Design design language of Windows 11.

The updated pop-up window replaces the style of the Win8 era and implements support for light and dark themes. It should be noted that this feature is also being rolled out gradually, and not all users will be able to see the changes.

Other improvements in Windows 11 Build 22567 are as follows.

· Microsoft is developing a new security feature called “Secure Application Control (SAC)”, which can block untrusted or potentially dangerous applications. Designed to protect users from being unduly obstructed, this feature can automatically detect dangerous applications. Users can find this feature in the Application and Browser Controls section.

A small animation has been added above the apps pinned to the taskbar.

Microsoft is updating multi-touch gestures to make touch more responsive and bring pleasant animations.

· The voice input package is available on the Microsoft Store, which can perform speech recognition based on the device.

· The user can choose which microphone to use in voice input, if there is one.

· It is easier to find the desired option in Windows 11 settings. Currently, Windows 11 fixes the problem of setting search, providing users with a more accurate list of search results.