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The new version of Windows 11 releases fluency improvement: deep binding to Android phones

For members of the Dev channel Windows Insider program, Microsoft today rolled out Windows 11 Build 22567. This latest preview release brings several functional fixes and improvements, including enabling Windows Update to use renewable energy.

This basically means that Windows 11 will try to install updates at certain times of the day, as doing so reduces carbon emissions.

Officially, Windows Update will try to schedule update installations at certain times of the day because doing so reduces carbon emissions. Most power grids are powered by multiple energy sources, including renewables and fossil fuels. Whenever possible, Windows 11 will now prioritize installing updates in the background when clean energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro are in abundance. Users always have the option to install the update now by navigating to Settings > Windows Update and selecting “Check for Updates”.

This feature is only enabled when your computer is plugged in and you have regional carbon intensity data from our partners electricMap or WattTime.

As part of Windows 11 Device Setup (OOBE), you can now tether your Android phone to your PC. Linking will give you instant access to everything on your phone on your computer, without having to constantly shift your attention to your phone, you can use your favorite mobile apps on your computer, send text messages, make phone calls, and more More benefits of having a full keyboard and mouse.

Plus, Smart App Control (SAC) is a new security feature in Windows 11 that blocks untrusted or potentially dangerous apps. SAC can only be enabled on Windows devices that have been clean-installed using the latest preview builds (Build 22567 and later).

At the system level, the version released by Microsoft today also fixes a lot of bugs and continues to improve fluency, which is their next focus.