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Fix 28 bugs, Chrome 99 stable version released 100 version one after another

Google’s Chrome has become the most widely used browser, and the version number is also sharp. Recently, the stable version of Chrome 99 was officially released, which will be the last double-digit version. Chrome version 100 has been launched in the development channel. The official version will be released at the end of the month.

There are not many upgrades in Chrome 99. In terms of functionality, the download button is mainly moved from the bottom to the top of the toolbar, and there will be better prompts. When downloading something, it is blue, and it turns into a gray button after the download is complete.

Among other things, Chrome 99 can also use a system date picker for forms, a feature that is important to some developers.

The other is the built-in handwriting recognition API . This function has been tested since Chrome 91 version, and now it is finally officially integrated, and developers do not need third-party APIs .

In terms of security, Chrome 99 fixes 28 security vulnerabilities, of which 11 are high-risk vulnerabilities, 15 are medium-risk vulnerabilities, and there are 2 low-risk vulnerabilities.

The stable version of Chrome 99 has been pushed one after another. The next version is Chrome 100. The development channel has been upgraded. The official version is expected to be released on March 29 .

Chrome 100 is the first to hit three digits, and it may bring incompatibility problems to some websites, but the impact is not big, and Google is also addressing this problem.

Similar to FireFox 100 and Microsoft Edge 100 , there will be some problems with the three-digit version number. Fortunately, they can be solved without affecting the use.