The Reface app has made waves as one of the most entertaining smartphone applications of 2022 — but is Reface free to use? Along with big names like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, there are lots of smaller apps that pop up throughout the year for their share of the spotlight. 2022’s had plenty of these. From Locket Widget, NoteIt, Prequel, Spam App, and others, it’s been an exciting time for checking out fresh, new apps.

This is also true of Reface. Created in 2020, Reface saw a surge in popularity in February 2022 — making it one of the top free apps on the iPhone’s App Store. And it’s easy to see why. Reface uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to place your face on popular characters, memes, celebrities, and more. Want to see what your face looks like on Zendaya, a talking dog, or Shaquille O’Neal? Reface lets you do all of it.

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Reface is undoubtedly fun to use, but here’s an important question: Is Reface free? Yes and no. Reface is a free download from the App Store and Google Play Store for iPhones and Android phones, respectively. Most of the app is also totally free to use. You can browse a huge collection of photos/videos to reface yourself with, add multiple faces, and easily share your creations on social media. If you want to use Reface without paying a dime, it’s absolutely possible.

You Need To Pay To Unlock All Of Reface’s Features

That said, unlocking the ‘full’ Reface experience does require a bit of cash. At any time from the ‘For You’ page on Reface, users can tap the ‘Pro’ icon in the top left corner to upgrade to Reface Pro. Reface Pro comes with a few different benefits. It allows users to upload their own videos, get faster processing times, and other ‘exclusive content.’ Reface Pro also removes all of the in-app ads.

If that sounds appealing, the good news is that Reface has a few different ways you can subscribe to its Pro membership. The first and arguably worst option is paying $6.99/week for Reface Pro. It’s the cheapest plan in the short term, but if you stay subscribed for a while, that price quickly adds up. At $6.99 per week, you’d end up paying over $360 every year for Reface Pro.

A much better option is Reface’s yearly subscription. Instead of paying $6.99/week for Reface Pro, you can pay $29.99 for a full year of its features. This comes out to just $0.58 per week and is a substantially better long-term deal. Reface also has a Lifetime Access plan. For one payment of $44.99, users can unlock all of Reface Pro’s features for as long as the app is available. Whether or not Reface Pro is worth it depends on how often you use the app, but if you do plan on subscribing, definitely go with the 1-year or lifetime plan.