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NV core confidential source code leaked! A new generation of Switch exposure

The South American hacker group LAPSU$ recently targeted NVIDIA, claiming to have hacked the other party’s server for a week, obtained about 1TB of confidential data, and publicly sold the mining limit cracking algorithm of RTX 30 series graphics cards, and also asked NVIDIA to fully lift the restrictions.

Subsequently, the hackers publicly released part of the file data they had, a 18.8GB RAR compressed package, which was up to 75GB after decompression, containing more than 400,000 files. Most of the content is source code that is considered highly confidential.

Among the NV confidential documents disclosed by the hackers, there is a directory named NVN2 and a directory named NVNDLSS. In addition, there are also documents that mention T239 (Note: NVN is the API specially written by NV for Nintendo Switch).

The discovery of NVN2 or NVNDLSS in this leaked document is clearly evidence of more collaboration between Nvidia and Nintendo. And the Twitter user kopite7kimi, who often broke the news of Nvidia, also said that the T239 is the Soc used by the new generation of Switch, code-named Drake.

Although there are still many game masterpieces that have not yet been released, the Switch released in 2017 has entered the middle and late stages of its life. Nintendo will naturally consider launching follow-up models, but I don’t know whether the new version of the Switch is suitable in the context of the current global chip shortage. Will it be officially made public?