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Win11 desktop upgrade: new gameplay desktop stickers hands-on experience

Win11 will release a major version update 22H2 “Sun Valley 2” this year, and the new version of Win11 will bring many new features and improvements.

According to a report from Windows Lastest, Win11 will add a custom tool for the desktop called “Sticker Editor” , which can arrange stickers on the desktop background. Let’s take a look at its experience report.

According to reports, in Windows 11 Build 22563, Microsoft is testing a “sticker editor” app that lets you edit and add stickers to your desktop.

These stickers appear at the top of the desktop wallpaper, and they work on all available wallpapers. In other words, if you switch to a different wallpaper, you can still choose to keep the sticker.

In the preview version of Windows 11, users can search for “stickers” in Windows Search and select “Place stickers on background”.

As shown in the screenshot, the searched function will launch the settings panel of Win11 . Click “Add Sticker” in the settings or the context menu (right-click menu) on the desktop to start the sticker editor tool and place stickers on the desktop.

The sticker editor allows users to select or create their own stickers and add them to the desktop, and change the position of the stickers on the Windows 11 desktop. When “Add Sticker” is clicked, a Windows Clipboard-like panel appears on the desktop with a selection of stickers to choose from.

Once the sticker is added, users can resize the sticker to their liking or customize the sticker using the sticker editor app.

At present, Microsoft is still researching the related functions of stickers, and it is not yet known when desktop stickers will appear in front of everyone. Of course, the feature will almost certainly go live as a closed beta feature first, and Microsoft needs to make sure everything works as it should.

It is understood that stickers will be launched with the Microsoft Store-based sticker editor tool, and stickers will become as easy to find as emoji.