Downloading and signing up for the Truth Social app is a pretty easy process — until you’re placed on its waitlist and can’t actually do anything with the app. Truth Social is yet another entry in the vast landscape of social media apps. The market is already dominated by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and others. However, that hasn’t stopped new apps from trying to break into the social scene. Locket Widget launched in January 2022 as a unique option for close friends, and Spam App is an interesting alternative for folks fed up with how bloated Snapchat’s become.

Then there’s Truth Social. Released in February 2022, Truth Social is a Twitter clone that markets itself as an “open, free, and honest” social media site. It’s similar to other platforms like Parler and MeWe, claiming to have free speech as its number one priority and not discriminate against users’ political viewpoints. Whether or not that’s true is up for debate, but it’s clear that a lot of people are interested in what Truth Social has to offer. It skyrocketed as the number one free app on the App Store the day it was released and remains one of the App Store’s most popular social networking apps.

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Unfortunately for people interested in joining Truth Social, one of the app’s biggest problems is its waitlist. After downloading the app and entering all of your account info, users don’t actually get to use Truth Social. Instead, they’re placed on a waitlist. Truth Social says this is due to “massive demand” of the app and is used to keep too many people from flooding its servers at once. Truth Social also has no clear communication about how fast the waitlist is moving. The company says the app should be fully operational by the end of March 2022. Some users may get off the waitlist before then, and others may not. Right now, that’s the only indication Truth Social’s offered for how long the waitlist will last.

Why Your Truth Social Waitlist Number Isn’t Changing

After joining Truth Social and being put on the waitlist, users can check the iPhone app to see if their spot in line has changed. Next to the waitlist number is a refresh icon that looks like two arrows in a circle. Tapping this is supposed to show an updated number for someone’s spot on Truth Social’s waitlist. However, it apparently isn’t working. Even after being on the waitlist for multiple days, tapping that refresh button may not change the waitlist at all — making it appear that you aren’t getting any closer to joining Truth Social.

Why isn’t that number changing? Once again, a lack of communication from Truth Social makes it unclear. Given all of the other bugs and issues Truth Social faced at launch, it’s more than likely just another glitch. Your spot on the waitlist is likely increasing even if the app doesn’t reflect that. To make sure you are notified when you’re finally off the Truth Social waitlist, you’ll need to have notifications enabled for the app. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down the page, tap ‘Truth Social,’ tap ‘Notifications,’ and tap the toggle to enable them if they aren’t already. This botched rollout doesn’t paint a bright future for Truth Social in the long-term, but regardless, that’s how the waitlist works and how to deal with it.