Clubhouse has introduced an in-room chat feature that will allow all participants of a live audio conversation to express their opinion via a dedicated chat section. The idea is far from unique, but one that existing Clubhouse users have been demanding for a while. Clubhouse started the whole live audio craze in the pandemic era, but when it comes to innovation and feature development, rivals like Twitter Spaces are far ahead.

Lately, Clubhouse has picked up the pace as well. Clubhouse finally introduced web listening in January letting users tune in to a conversation from a desktop browser without needing to download the mobile app. Back in November 2021, the app introduced the replay feature. However, a key shortcoming was that listeners who sought to add something to the conversation had no medium to do so publicly.

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That drawback finally comes to an end with the arrival of a new Clubhouse public chat feature that allows all participants to join in with text commentary. The public chat section has to be enabled by the host for listeners to drop in and comment. The chat window can be accessed by tapping on the comment icon in the bottom left corner or by swiping right. At the moment, the in-room chat only allows text and emojis and doesn’t support stickers, GIFs, photos, or video posting. In order to keep things from spiraling out of control, the room host can choose to delete problematic comments at their discretion. Messages can be deleted while the room is in progress and even after it has ended. Plus, the host can always exercise the option of shutting down the chat section mid-way during the live audio conversation.

Public Commentary With Due Controls

As for the listeners, they can also choose to delete their own messages if they deem it necessary. And to ensure that the room’s host doesn’t get overwhelmed with the task of moderating a buzzy chat section, the host has the option to appoint mods to shoulder the responsibility of chat moderation. Aside from deleting problematic messages, the moderator also has the power to remove users from the chat if they’re creating a ruckus. But things can quickly go from civil to toxic. For such a scenario, Clubhouse will let listeners report toxic accounts for violating community guidelines, right from the chat window.

This can be done by long-pressing on the username and tapping on the report option. Clubhouse users also have the option to block rotten apples based on their comments. And just like the audio conversation itself that can be recorded and pinned to a page, the accompanying room chat conversations will also be preserved. Those who missed the live conversation can listen to it and also go through the chats, without being able to add any new comments. The new room chat doesn’t affect the existing Backchannel system for private conversations between two users.