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The King’s Peak Showdown! NVIDIA hacks hackers after ransomware attack

Incredibly, the semiconductor giant NVIDIA has also become the target of being hacked. Recently, according to several British and American media reports, NVIDIA suffered a network attack, which even caused the interruption of emails and developer tools.

Afterwards, NVIDIA responded to this, saying that the business was not disrupted and was still evaluating the impact of the incident.

Now, vx-underground, a website that collects malware samples, claims that a South American group called LAPSU$ carried out the ransomware attack on Nvidia.

According to vx-underground, the LAPSU$ ransomware group, an organization operating in South America, claims to have compromised Nvidia and stole over 1TB of proprietary data.

However, rather embarrassingly, NVIDIA also fought back strongly against the hacking group, which claimed that Nvidia had also hacked them and said that Nvidia had successfully recovered their machines.

According to the screenshots provided by vx-underground, the hackers woke up to find their own machines were hacked, but they had backed up the data.

According to Videocardz, Nvidia tried to hack the group by encrypting the stolen data, but the group had made a copy in a virtual machine environment, meaning Nvidia’s countermeasures were unsuccessful.