Spam App is a popular alternative to other social media apps, but is it available for Android devices? The hype that builds around a new app can be quite exciting. So many of us use the same handful of smartphone applications every single day with no changes. As such, it’s an exciting time when something new comes along.

Such is the case with Spam App. Released in October 2021 and going somewhat viral in February 2022, Spam App markets itself as a social media app with less stress and anxiety than its competitors. Unlike other social media apps, Spam App doesn’t have public like counts, filters, editing, or anything along those lines. Simply open the app, take a picture, and it’s instantly sent to friends on your ‘Spam List.’ Users can also make certain photos viewable to all Spam App users, allowing you to potentially make new friends with nothing but casual photo-sharing. It’s a lot like Snapchat and Instagram — just without the extra complexities and social anxiety those apps come with.

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Unfortunately, Spam App doesn’t work on all smartphones. As it currently stands, Spam App is not available for Android devices and is exclusive to the iPhone. No matter if you have a Samsung, Google, OnePlus phone, or anything else, there’s no official Spam App for the Android operating system. If you want to use Spam App, you need to have an iPhone. That’s undoubtedly annoying and frustrating, but it’s just the way things are right now.

Will Spam App Ever Come To Android?

Spam App may not be on Android right now, but could that change in the future? Certainly. It’s not uncommon for apps to initially release on iPhone first and then get an Android version later on. This is exactly what happened with Locket Widget. Locket Widget launched in January 2022 with very little fanfare, but after going viral on TikTok, it quickly became one of the most popular iPhone apps on the App Store. Not long after, Locket Widget confirmed an Android app was ‘coming soon.’

Especially for smaller development teams, choosing to only release a new app for the iPhone is a smart and calculated strategy. iPhones account for more than half of all smartphones in the United States. They’re also much easier to develop for than the countless different models of Android phones that are available. If an app sees massive success on the iPhone (like Locket Widget), that gives the developer the resources and reassurance that it’s worth making an Android version. If the app isn’t successful, the developers only used their resources creating one version of their app instead of two.

It’s very possible an Android version of Spam App will be available at some point. However, when that will happen remains a mystery. Spam App could launch an Android app next month, a few months from now, next year, or never at all. The possibility of an Android version of Spam App seems inevitable given its rapid success on the iPhone, but as with anything in life, nothing is guaranteed.