Apple‘s ‘Peek Performance’ event has a curious spelling that has led to speculation that a sneak peek might be given of a never before seen product. The term most often used is ‘peak performance,’ implying to greater speed of some aspect of the technology, whether a faster Apple Silicon processor, better download rates for 5G and Wi-Fi, or perhaps something unique. Among the new products shown, at least one will likely be particularly fast.

Apple‘s most notable technology usually becomes available at the end of the year, perfectly timed for the shopping rush. Celebrating the holidays with a recently unwrapped iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods or Mac feels good and is becoming part of the tradition of many families in the United States, Apple‘s biggest market. Early announcements might tease what’s to come, and the Worldwide Developers Conference always gives a preview of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS. However, releases that happen before fall are usually less impressive updates.

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Rumors of what is expected to arrive at Apple’s upcoming ‘Peek Performance’ event have been well covered in the last few days. The consensus is that new versions of the iPhone SE, iPad Air, and Mac mini are coming with relatively minor upgrades. The latest Bloomberg Power On newsletter explored a few other products that Apple might preview, explaining the use of ‘Peek’ instead of ‘Peak.’ Possibilities include Apple’s AR/VR headset, an iMac Pro, a Mac Pro and a HomePod with a display. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman favors one of the two Mac computers and thinks it’s too soon for the other two products.

What Will Apple Tease?

Apple AR/VR Headset Name Hidden Suggesitng View Tim Cook On Stage

It seems likely that Apple will tease some big product at its ‘Peek Performance’ event on March 8, 2022, but it’s still unclear which it will be. Gurman previously stated that Apple’s AR/VR headset might be previewed well before launch to throw its hat in the ring officially. This might slow purchases and development for Meta’s Cambria AR/VR headset, which might arrive sooner than Apple’s.

Apple might tease another new product category, a HomePod that includes a screen. This might take the form of a larger iPad that plugs in for power, refreshing Apple’s smart home solution, something which is desperately needed. Slightly less exciting, a higher-performance iMac Pro that might look like a larger M1 iMac could be shown or possibly a smaller but much more powerful Mac Pro. Of course, any new Mac will use faster Apple processors, so a preview would give an idea of just how impressive the new chips might be, so it should be an exciting event if only for the tease.