Microsoft has announced several new Windows 11 features, including an all-new tabbed interface for File Explorer that users have been demanding for many years. The built-in File Explorer in Windows works reasonably well for the most part, but it is not the most feature-rich, especially when compared to third-party alternatives. One of the main complaints against it has been the lack of a tabbed interface like a web browser, something that Microsoft is now promising to fix with a future update.

Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows that was released last year to largely positive reception from the media and users alike. It comes with a refreshed UI and many notable new features, including native Android app support, redesigned Start Menu and more. It also comes with a revamped File Explorer that Microsoft believes is better for work and productivity. A tabbed interface will make it more powerful and intuitive than it has ever been.

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Microsoft on Tuesday announced several changes for the native File Explorer on Windows 11, including a new tabbed interface. According to the company’s official blog post, the redesigned File Explorer will be “cloud-powered” and let users see all files in “one centralized place.” The new File Explorer would also allow users to pin files and create tabs, helping reduce the number of clicks required to access important files and folders. The official Windows YouTube channel has also posted a video demonstrating the new features, showing users can right-click on a file and select ‘Add to Favorites’ to pin it.

File Explorer Tabs Are Coming

Windows 11 laptop PC in office

The Windows 11 File Explorer tabs will look and work similarly to browser tabs, and users will need to click on a ‘plus’ symbol at the top of the File Explorer window to open new tabs. The feature was leaked last month when a Windows Insider spotted it in the Dev Channel, although this is the first time that Microsoft has officially confirmed it. At its virtual Windows event on Tuesday, the company said that the redesigned File Explorer with tabs would be rolled out for all users “at some point,” although there’s no definitive timeline for that at this stage.

In addition to the tabs in File Explorer, Microsoft also announced or demoed a myriad of other new features for hybrid work, including improvements to video-calling tools on Windows. Another area that will see an improvement is Focus Assist (now called ‘Focus’) which will be integrated with the Action Center, enabling users to start Focus Sessions without opening the Clock app first. Then there’s a system-wide Live Captions feature that would transcribe all audio on the PC, including streaming videos. Finally, Microsoft will also introduce new security features, including Smart App Control which will allow only trusted apps to run on a PC.