Apple announced a few new devices at its WWDC keynote, and its first USB-C charger with dual ports can simultaneously charge two devices. iPhones no longer ship with a power adapter in the box, as Apple believes lots of folks have a spare charger lying around. While that may be true, it is also possible that the available charger might not be capable of charging a phone at its maximum supported power rating.

Buyers can choose to pick up a third-party power adapter, while those who want to play it safe by purchasing an original Apple power adapter will find multiple options available on the Apple Store that are designed to be used with iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. So far, however, all of Apple‘s chargers have only featured a single port.


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Apple’s new charger is the 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter and it comes in white. The cube-like adapter is made of plastic and has rounded corners. It also has a recess on two sides to make it easier to grip. While no official dimensions have been provided, it looks compact from the images, and the foldable prongs should make it easy to fit into a purse or bag. As the name suggests, the power adapter has a maximum power output of 35W, and either USB-C port can supply the maximum rating, provided only a single device is connected.

Which Apple Devices Are Compatible?

M2 MacBook Air

The listing page reveals that the charger supports 20V 1.75A (35W), 15V 2.33A (34.95W), 9V 3A (27W), and 5V 3A (15W) power outputs. If a device doesn’t support any of these power ratings, the charger will still work, provided USB Power Delivery is supported. The USB PD standard allows a compatible charger to deliver the correct amount of power to a connected device, allowing fast charging without any damage.

The 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter is compatible with several Apple products including the new MacBook Air with an M2 chip, the M1-powered MacBook Air, the iPhone 8 and newer, all AirPods, all iPad Pro models, and all Apple Watch models, among others. It is priced at $59 and will be available for purchase on the Apple online store, but doesn’t come with a USB-C cable in the box. It should also be available in physical Apple Stores. Those picking up the new MacBook Air (2022) won’t need to purchase one as it comes bundled with the 10-core GPU model. However, the 8-core GPU version ships with a 30W single-port USB-C adapter.

In addition to the compact power adapter, Apple also quietly listed the 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter on its online store. This isn’t as compact and has a design similar to Apple’s 67W USB-C power adapter. Despite having a different design, the features are similar to the compact model and it supports all of the same devices. Apple is also listing this one with the same $59 price tag.