Apple‘s new macOS Ventura will be available to a slew of current Mac computers, including desktops and laptops. At Worldwide Developers Conference 2022, Apple unveiled the next iteration of its macOS operating system that brings several cool features, including Stage Manager, Spotlight Quick Actions, Passkeys, Intuitive Collaboration and more. Overall, it is an excellent update that most Mac users would love to have, but which devices are compatible?

Apple typically supports its hardware with updates far longer than most companies. It is most demonstrable by the company’s iPhone update record that can make any Android user green with envy. With iOS 16, Apple is updating all its iPhones from 2017, including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. As for the watchOS 9 update, the list is similarly exhaustive, with the company slated to roll out the new update to all devices going back to 2018.


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Apple will roll out macOS Ventura to several Macs from 2017, but not all the devices launched that year will be lucky enough to receive the update. Starting with the MacBook Pro, all Intel and Apple silicon models from 2017 and later will get the new update, while all MacBook Air devices from 2018 and later will also be updated to Ventura. The 12-inch Retina MacBook model from 2017 will also get the new update. Coming to the desktops, the 2019 Mac Pro and newer will get the latest software. The Mac mini from 2018 and later will also receive the update, as will the all-new Mac Studio that was released earlier this year. As for the iMac line, all iMac models from 2017, including the iMac Pro, will get macOS Ventura.

Devices That Will Not Receive The Ventura Update

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Unfortunately, what the list mentioned above also means is that a slew of Macs have been left out of the update scope for macOS Ventura. For example, while the 2014 and older MacBook Pro models were expected to be removed from support, there were expectations that Pros from 2015 and 2016 might still get the latest update. Unfortunately, not only is that not happening, but Apple has also ended support for the 2017 MacBook Air, which must be a tough pill to swallow for many users.

Either way, now that the list of compatible devices is known, it will be interesting to see when Apple will roll out the update for all users. If the company follows a regular schedule, it will likely be rolled out this fall, between Sept. and Dec. 2022. It is worth noting that the beta versions of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9 and macOS Ventura have already been released for developers. However, the public beta is expected to be launched next month for folks who are already part of the beta programs. A few weeks after that, Apple’s latest flavor of macOS will be rolled out to all compatible desktops and laptops.