Apple‘s HomePod is a fine piece of technology. Not only can the speakers connect wirelessly with other Apple devices, but they can also respond to voice commands with Siri. Most recently, Apple sold about 4.5 million units of the HomePod mini, making it the world’s most popular smart speaker. However, just like other electronic devices, HomePods might malfunction. For example, it could stop responding or disappear from the Home app. In such a scenario, users can reset their HomePod or HomePod to factory settings.

Apple says that users should only reset their HomePod or HomePod mini when they are sending it for service, going to sell it, or want to reset the HomePod to factory settings. Additionally, users with two HomePod speakers connected as a stereo will have to ungroup the pair before resetting it. Finally, if the HomePod is not responding, resetting it straight away is not a good idea. Instead, users should try to restart the device with the Apple Home app. However, if the device does not restart, resetting it via the Home app is the only alternative.


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Users can reset a HomePod or HomePod mini from the device itself. First, users need to unplug their HomePod or HomePod mini, wait for about 10 seconds, and then plug it back. Then, users should wait for another 10 seconds before touching and holding their finger at the top of their HomePod. In a few seconds, the white spinning light will turn red, and Siri will announce that the HomePod is about to reset. After this, users should hear three beeps, indicating that their HomePod has been reset and they can lift their finger back up. If this method does not work, users might have to remove the HomePod from the Home app manually, where they can also update their HomePod.

Reset HomePod And HomePod mini Via Apple Home App

Apple HomePod mini lineup

Before beginning the process, users should ensure that they are signed in with the Apple ID used to configure the HomePod speaker on their iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Then, to reset the HomePod, open the Home app, press and hold HomePod (on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), or double click on HomePod (Mac) to open ‘Details.’ Over there, scroll all the way to the bottom and select ‘Remove Accessory’ and confirm by tapping or clicking on ‘Remove.’ This should successfully remove the HomePod as a connected accessory and reset the device.

Those who own a HomePod mini can plug it into their Mac or PC with the USB-C cable in the box. On a Mac, users should open a Finder window. On Windows, users should open the latest version of iTunes. Then, users should select their HomePod and click on ‘Restore HomePod.’ Once a HomePod or HomePod mini is reset, users should plug it back into a power source, wait for a chime and pulsing white light on top of the speaker and hold their iPhone or iPad next to the speaker. Next, following the on-screen instructions will help users restore or set up the HomePod again.