Apple could still be releasing the next iPad Pro this year. The company announced updates to the iPadOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference. iPadOS 16 will come with new multitasking features. The Stage Manager feature will make it easier for users to multitask on the device. The iPad has long been marketed as a great alternative to a computer, but until the addition of this feature, users weren’t really able to use the iPad the same way as they do a computer. Now, users could choose to have an iPad and skip having a laptop or desktop.

Earlier this week, tipster Ross Young tweeted that Apple has a 14.1-inch iPad Pro in the works. The larger screen could also make this a viable alternative to a computer, especially with the addition of Stage Manager. The device isn’t expected until 2023, though. It will likely come with the M2 chip, 4TB of storage and up to 32GB of memory. The base model could also come with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. All of this sounds very exciting, but users might not have to wait that long for a new iPad Pro. It just won’t come with a larger screen yet.


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Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter said the 2022 iPad Pro could be released in September or October. He expects the device to come with the M2 chip, “wireless charging and upgrades to the camera system.” Gurman already predicted a new iPad Pro device with MagSafe charging for this fall, so he’s doubling down on that claim.

Users Could Be Ready To Update Their iPad Pro

This could be welcoming timing as Gurman said he downloaded the iPadOS 16 to his 2020 iPad Pro with an A12Z Bionic chip and said multitasking doesn’t work on his device. According to Apple, it should be compatible with all iPad Pro models, as well as the fifth generation of iPad and later, the fifth iPad mini and later and the third-generation iPad Air and later. He also added that he couldn’t find anything different with iPadOS 16, and his iPad is also starting to show its age. That means users might be ready for an upgrade to be able to use the new features. The updated operating system will be rolling out to the public in the fall—the same time as the new iPad Pro is expected.

While Gurman has an excellent track record of predicting Apple‘s plans, until the company makes an official announcement, this is all up to speculation. Nevertheless, users will undoubtedly be excited to get their hands on a new iPad Pro that features an M2 chip and be able to use the new multitasking tool. But, with another iPad Pro with a larger screen expected in early 2023, it might not make sense to upgrade to the 2022 iPad Pro. Instead, waiting for a genuine laptop alternative with the 14.1-inch iPad Pro might make more sense.