TikTok users may want to link to their website or another link in their bio, and this may come in handy if they are selling services, products, or just trying to drive their followers to some webpage. On the other hand, most businesses on TikTok will make use of pointing to their website. However, both personal and business users can add a link to their bio, but users must meet some requirements.

TikTok has been rapidly growing, and millions of users have used it to start their online careers, boost their sales, or build a fan base. The short video platform has been very usable, and its algorithms have helped millions of users have their content viewed. Furthermore, TikTok is actively releasing new features and options, including TikTok’s Clear Mode, Live Subscriptions, Dynamic Photo Filter and more.


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TikTok users can only add a clickable link to their bio if they have a business account. Luckily, any user can easily switch to a business account, just like on Instagram. After doing so, a ‘Website’ field will appear when editing the profile. However, personal users can add a link to their bio too, but it won’t be clickable and will appear like any other text. It’s worth noting that this is different from adding an Instagram or YouTube link since any TikTok user can do so.

How To Add A Link To TikTok Profile

Add website to TikTok bio

TikTok users can switch their personal account to a business account by opening the app on an Android or iPhone device, navigating to their profile, and tapping the three vertical lines icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, users should tap theSettings and Privacy option and open theManage Account’ setting. At this point, aSwitch to Business Account option will appear. Users can now go back to their TikTok profile, tap Edit Profile,’ and add a link to the Website field. It’s worth noting that this setting isn’t editable on the desktop version. Unfortunately, TikTok users with a private account can’t use this feature, and they will need to switch their profile to public and then to business. In addition, some users may not find the Website’ field after switching to the business account, and that’s because TikTok is gradually releasing this feature.

Personal users, on the other side, can add links to their bio as blank text. Users can do this by tapping the Edit Profile button and manually typing the link in the Bio section. This link won’t be clickable, so users can’t type a very long link since their followers might not be able to recall it. However, an easier-to-remember link like ScreenRant.com could do the job. Furthermore, users can rely on a link shortener service, like bit.ly or kutt.it, to shorten a long link and put it in their bio. Since this is a regular text, users can add this type of unclickable link to their TikTok profile through the desktop version.