One of the world’s most popular content-sharing platforms, YouTube provides a broadcasting service called YouTube TV. Paying members of YouTube TV can stream live events, including local sports, and access shows from over 85 channels like FOX, CBS and more. Apart from this, users can also access the service through their Andriod devices. But what if someone wants to cancel their YouTube TV subscription?

Like other subscription-based service models, YouTube TV allows users to cancel their membership anytime. Users can withdraw their YouTube TV subscription any day in their billing cycle. It could be due to several reasons — users might want to save a couple of bucks, be bored with the YouTube TV’s Picture-in-Picture Mode, or simply don’t like the benefits provided by the membership anymore. Users should clearly understand what canceling the YouTube TV subscription entails.


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First, users who cancel their YouTube TV subscription will still have access to the service until the end of their payment period. However, those who cancel the free trial will lose benefits immediately. Further, those who cancel their membership will not be able to add any networks and lose access to recorded programs after 21 days of cancellation. In addition, if a user wants to restart their YouTube TV subscription after cancellation, they might not be eligible for discounted pricing.

Cancel YouTube TV Subscription On The Web & Smartphones

On a computer, open the official YouTube TV portal via a web browser. Select the profile picture, click on ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Membership.’ After that, click on ‘Manage’ and choose ‘Cancel.’ Users who want to cancel their YouTube TV subscriptions from an Android device should open the YouTube TV application on their smartphone, tap on their profile picture, and follow the steps given above to reach the ‘Manage’ section. There, they will find an option to cancel their membership. Those who own an iPhone or an iPad must follow a similar procedure to cancel their YouTube TV subscription.

Instead of canceling, users can pause their YouTube TV subscription as well. All they have to do is open the YouTube TV portal in a web browser via Windows desktop or MacBook and click on their profile picture. In the menu that appears, users should tap on ‘Settings’ and select ‘Membership.’ Then, click on ‘Manage’ and use the slider bar to choose the number of weeks (four weeks to six months) and click on ‘Pause.’ Pausing the membership is a good option for users who want to take a temporary break from YouTube TV subscription. Once requested, the YouTube TV subscription will be paused after users’ current billing cycle ends. Additionally, users won’t be able to access YouTube TV, although their recordings will be saved for nine months.