A person’s Instagram profile is a chronological feed of their photos over the years, and there’s now a way to pin favorite Instagram photos, videos, or Reels to the very top of the profile page. A lot of social media platforms already offer a post-pinning feature, which enables users to get eyes on posts that are important or special to them. Think of it as a virtual bulletin board that can showcase announcements, funny memories, or even just beautiful snapshots.

Since its inception, Instagram has released a slew of features that make it one of the most popular media-sharing apps to date. Instagram Stories is a key component of the platform’s popularity as it enables users to share daily photos and videos and jazz them up using filters, music clips, stickers, and even polls, to name a few. A lot of improvements have also been made to how users view their Instagram feed, including the option to see posts from favorite accounts before other Instagram accounts they follow. And while there’s already a way for Instagram users to pin comments to the top of their posts, this is the first time the company is offering the option to place posts and Reels in an area of prominence on a user’s Instagram profile.


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Instagram users can now pin up to three posts — they can be photos, videos, or Reels — to the top of their profile page. To get started, launch the Instagram mobile app on an iPhone or Android phone and tap on the profile photo on the bottom-right corner of the screen to get to the user profile page. Tap on one of the posts in the feed, hit the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the post, then select ‘Pin to your profile.’ Repeat the process an additional two times if required to pin three posts to the top of the page. As of now, the post-pinning feature isn’t available on the desktop site.

How To Unpin An Instagram Post From Your Profile

Instagram Pin Post To Profile

Users can change pinned Instagram posts at any time, but when they attempt to pin more than three posts, a ‘Pin limit reached‘ warning will appear. If the user taps ‘Confirm‘, the fourth post will replace the oldest post currently pinned. To be able to pick which pinned post to unpin, simply go to the selected post, tap the three-dot icon again, and hit ‘Unpin from your profile.‘ This will remove the post from the top of the Instagram feed and will return it to its original spot in the user’s grid.

Instagram’s new post-pinning feature will be useful for users who have a larger follower count — they can use it to make timely and important announcements pertaining to their brand, their public personas, or their private lives. People who are active on the Instagram app can pick out up to three posts that best showcase their personality and use pinned posts as a way to attract new followers or get more engagement. Of course, those who prefer to utilize the function as a means to quickly access their favorite and most memorable grams can do so — other Instagram users potentially enjoying them too can be an added bonus.