Gmail offers an email template feature that not many users might be aware of. By using a template, users can avoid typing the same email over and over again. Gmail lets users save up to 50 email templates, which can be useful f0r those who need to send several similar emails per day. The feature is particularly useful for people working in the customer service industry or those who work in departments like human resources.

Templates are just one of Gmail’s many productivity features. A useful hack is scheduled emails, which can be pre-written and sent a specific time to avoid disturbing someone during non-work hours or weekends. Gmail also lets users snooze mails, which removes them from the inbox view and reschedules them to reappear at a later date or time. Another useful Gmail tool is confidential mails, which require a passcode to access and expire after a particular date.


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To set up templates on Gmail, users will first need to open Settings by clicking on the gear icon located on the top-right corner of their Gmail inbox window. Then, select See all settings from the drop-down menu that appears. Next, click on the Advanced tab, scroll down to the Templates option, and select Enable. Once done, click on Save Changes located at the bottom of the screen. Completing the last step will take the user back to their inbox, after which they can begin creating and using templates. It is important to note that email templates are only available on the Gmail website. Unfortunately, Gmail’s iOS and Android phone apps do not support email templates as of now.

Getting Started With Templates In Gmail

Gmail Templates Demo

To set up a template, hit the Compose button in Gmail. When done drafting the email, click on the three-dot Menu button on the bottom-right of the compose window and select Templates from the list. From the menu that pops up, click on the Save draft as template option and then select Save as new template. A new Gmail window will pop up upon completing the last step. Enter a name for the template in the given field and hit Save.

In order to use an email template in Gmail, click on Compose to open a new email window. Next, go to the three-dot Menu button on the bottom-right of the window and select Templates from the list that appears. Click on the template that needs to be inserted into the email. The content of the template will show up in the Gmail compose window, and can now be customized or modified as required.