AppleCare+, an insurance plan that provides recourse for damaged devices, can be added to Apple devices up to 60 days after the purchase through three easy ways. One of the first important decisions that users must make after buying an Apple device is whether to add AppleCare+ for a one-time fee or a monthly subscription. It might appear that people must make this decision immediately. On the company’s online store, the option is available on the checkout page, and users must make a choice before completing a purchase. In one of Apple‘s retail stores, a representative will ask about adding AppleCare+ before completing the purchase or soon after. However, people have much more time to decide than they may realize.


AppleCare+ plans vary greatly depending on the type of product and the country in which the consumer initially purchased it. For example, the price and protection for a pair of Apple or Beats headphones will be different than a Mac computer. In addition, consumer protection laws afford various protections to customers based on country, state and region, so AppleCare+ protections will also change. The company offers two main tiers: AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss. The names are largely self-explanatory, as the traditional AppleCare+ plan covers two instances of accidental damage per year. The Theft and Loss plan also adds coverage if a device is lost or stolen.

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Since users can add AppleCare+ coverage up to 60 days after a product is purchased in most regions, there’s no pressure to immediately decide whether to add protection. There are three ways to add AppleCare+ coverage after purchase: in a retail store, over the phone, or directly on an Apple device. To add AppleCare+ in one of Apple’s retail stores, simply bring an eligible device to the store. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has required appointments for nearly all interactions at their retail stores. An appointment can be made on Apple’s website, over the phone, or on the Apple Support app. An Apple specialist may perform hardware and software inspections of the device to ensure it has not already been damaged. If the device passes, AppleCare+ can be added.

Add AppleCare+ From Home

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It might be a hassle to take a device in-store to add coverage, but Apple offers two methods for purchasing AppleCare+ from home. First, it can be done over the phone at 1-800-MY-Apple with an Apple Support representative. Before making a call, it’s essential to have key information like proof of purchase and the device’s serial number. The representative will ask for this information, and they may also perform a remote diagnostic test to make sure the device isn’t already broken. After this is reviewed, users can pay with their credit card via a link sent to their email, protecting their financial privacy. They’ll also receive a purchase receipt and a coverage agreement through their email address.

The final and simplest method of adding AppleCare+ coverage after purchase is through the Settings app of the eligible device. To do this, open the Settings app and click on the ‘About’ tab of an iOS or iPadOS device. Eligible devices will have a section that reads ‘AppleCare+ Coverage Available.’ Tap on that text selection and follow the prompts to add AppleCare+ coverage. If the ‘AppleCare+ Coverage Available’ does not appear on the ‘About’ page, check to ensure the device is eligible. Though it might feel like users have to choose whether to add AppleCare+ at the time of purchase, it’s extremely easy to add coverage up to 60 days after the original purchase.