YouTube Premium can be shared across an entire family, with some limitations, and it’s fairly easy to add and remove members from the streaming plan. Whether the cost is split up or one person pays, it’s nice to be able to get more value from a subscription by inviting others to join in and share the benefits.

YouTube Premium has been around for quite some time, although it was originally focused on music videos and known as Music Key when it first launched in 2014. Google evolved its subscription services into YouTube Music and YouTube Red where the latter allowed ad-free streaming of videos beyond just music and access to YouTube Originals. YouTube Premium replaces YouTube Red and includes YouTube Music, which is still available separately.


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Nearly everyone in a family can find something of interest on YouTube and that’s why it’s quite helpful that Google allows sharing a YouTube Premium subscription with up to five other family members. To add someone new to a YouTube Premium plan, the person that pays for the plan, known as the family manager, must send an invitation. Before this is possible, however, a YouTube Premium Family Membership is needed, which costs a bit more than an Individual Membership. A user can upgrade by clicking their profile picture, then Purchases and memberships, and Get Family Plan.

Adding And Removing Family Members

To remove a family member from a YouTube Premium family plan, the family manager should click their profile picture, then select Purchases and memberships, and click the Edit button which appears next to family sharing settings. A list of those already added to the plan will appear. Select any person on the list and click Remove member to make room for someone else if needed. To add a new member, click Invite family members, then enter an email address or phone number and click the Send button. A notification will be received when they accept.

YouTube Premium is a nice alternative to other streaming services since it doesn’t rely on big studios to produce content. With anyone being able to upload a video, YouTube content represents a much more diverse variety of genres and topics. That makes YouTube Premium with ad-free access to all of YouTube and YouTube Music a great secondary service for video streaming with the added bonus of music streaming.