Samsung has teased its new 200-megapixel image sensor in a unique way that shows off its insanely high resolution. Alongside Sony and Omnivision, Samsung is one the most notable manufacturers of smartphone image sensors, and many of its offerings are found on Android smartphones across the price spectrum. The company announced its new 200-megapixel ISOCELL HP1 image sensor last September after weeks of rumors and speculation in the media.

While Samsung is yet to reveal any information about which companies will launch smartphones with the new sensor, Motorola is expected to be the first to use it in one of its upcoming smartphones. The Lenovo-owned brand used Samsung’s 108-megapixel image sensor in its Edge 20 Pro last year, so it is not massively surprising it will now use the all-new 200-megapixel sensor in one of its upcoming offerings. There are rumors that next year’s Galaxy S23 could also ship with the new sensor, although there’s no confirmation about that just yet.


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As part of a new teaser for its 200-megapixel image sensor, Samsung on Thursday released a video that shows the process it went through to capture an image using the sensor. The video also shows how the company printed out the image in full-resolution on a massive canvas before hanging it on a huge billboard in the middle of a busy city. While the company didn’t actually share photo samples from the camera, it did say in a press release that it had to use a test board to capture the image as there are no available phones with the new image sensor just yet.

Ultra High-Res Image Sensor

Samsung 200MP image unveil

As can be seen from the image and the video, Samsung captured the photo of a cat and then printed it out on a canvas measuring 28 meters by 22 meters. In total, it’s an enormous 616 square meter canvas, which, as the company pointed out, is about one and a half times the size of a basketball court. In fact, it is so huge that the image couldn’t even be printed at once. Instead, the photo had to be printed on twelve separate 7.5-feet-long pieces of fabric and then stitched together to derive the full picture. Despite the huge print, Samsung claims that the image came out crystal clear with all the minute details, thanks largely to the massive resolution of the sensor.

Interestingly, the team was initially looking to capture the image by using a custom adapter to attach various DSLR camera lenses to the test board. However, the company eventually decided to capture the image the same way smartphone users would – without any fancy additional lenses. The resultant image looks decent from a distance, but it isn’t clear why Samsung didn’t release any actual photo samples if the result was as satisfying as the company is making it out to be.