Google’s much-rumored Pixel Fold has reportedly been delayed yet again and is now not expected to release this year. The Pixel Fold has been rumored time and again over the past several months, with the most recent leak from earlier this month supposedly revealing the device’s display dimensions. According to that report, the cover display on the Pixel Fold would measure 5.8-inches diagonally, while its folding screen would be about the same size as that of the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Meanwhile, any rumor regarding the Pixel Fold these days is good news, as the device was once said to have been canceled by Google. According to a story late last year, Google pulled the plug on the Pixel Fold under the impression that it wouldn’t be competitive in a market dominated by Samsung. The report came from tipster Ross Young, although more recent leaks from him suggest that the device is still very much on track.


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According to South Korean publication TheElec, the Pixel Fold has been delayed again. The device was initially expected to debut last year, but a lengthy delay pushed the launch date to this year. It was then expected to be released in Q4, 2022, but the latest delay now means that it will not be released before next year. As for a reason behind the delay, the report claims the product isn’t “as complete as Google wishes (it to be)” at this stage of its development.

Google Doesn’t Want To Release A Half-baked Device

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The report doesn’t explain what is wrong with the Pixel Fold, but a lot can go wrong with relatively new technology like folding smartphones. For example, the durability of the screen itself could cause concern, while the long-term reliability of the hinges could also be an issue. What’s more, the software also needs to be optimized for the different form-factor, which also takes a lot of time.

All things considered, Google should take its own time to improve the product than release a half-baked device that would be an embarrassment for the company and a disappointment for the buyers. Whenever the Pixel Fold eventually releases, it will hopefully be a polished product with none of the gremlins that affected the first-generation Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. The Pixel Fold will also hopefully sport the latest hardware, including the second-generation Tensor chip that is expected to power the Pixel 7.