According to a generally-reliable tipster, Apple‘s upcoming mini-LED monitor has been delayed, possibly until October. The new display is expected to be an upgrade over the $1,599 Studio Display that was launched earlier this year. One of the main selling features of the upcoming monitor will be its mini-LED panel that’s expected to support Apple‘s ProMotion technology and a 120Hz variable refresh rate, making it a significant upgrade over the Studio Display.

In addition to the Studio Display, Apple also sells the Pro Display XDR, which was released in 2019 along with the redesigned Mac Pro. However, it is aimed solely at professionals and comes with a massive $4,999 price-tag, making it a niche product right out the gate. Reports from earlier this year suggested that Apple might release a cheaper version of the Pro Display XDR to appeal to a larger audience, but nothing has come of it until now. In the meantime, the upcoming mini-LED monitor is expected to fill the gap between the Studio Display and the Pro Display XDR.


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In a Tweet earlier today, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Ross Young, said Apple‘s rumored 27-inch mini-LED monitor had been delayed, possibly until October. According to Young, the device was originally slated to be manufactured in Shanghai by Quanta, but thanks to the strict Covid-related lockdowns in the city, the production is now being moved to a different location, resulting in the delay. While an October release date isn’t a lock-in, Young believes that it is the most likely scenario right now.

Apple May Be Working On Multiple New Monitors

The upcoming new mini-LED display may not be the only new monitor that Apple is working on. According to a report from earlier this year, Apple is working on an upgraded version of the Studio Display with a higher pixel resolution than the Pro Display XDR. The new monitor will reportedly have a 7K panel, which is higher than the 6K display (6016 x 3384) of the Pro Display XDR. It is not known whether this device will come in a larger 36-inch size or match the 32-inch measurement of the existing Pro Display XDR. It is also said to ship with an A13 chip like the existing Studio Display.

Ross Young has a proven track record over the years, but the information could still be incomplete or incorrect. Even if a 27-inch mini-LED monitor is indeed in the works, nothing is known yet about its specifications, pricing, and release date, which means potential buyers will have to wait, possibly until October, to find out more. If it does arrive, a ‘Pro’ version of Apple’s the Studio Display with mini-LED backlighting, ProMotion technology, and a higher refresh rate sounds like an enticing prospect.