Snapchat is a versatile and fun app that adds so many new features regularly that it can be hard to keep up with what’s possible on the social network. One of the most useful capabilities is a way to share favorite YouTube videos more quickly and easily. This leaves more time for sharing and creating instead of fussing with copying and pasting content.

Snapchat is a bit different from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media apps, in that it tends to be more private. Instead of sharing with the public or a large a nebulous group, Snaps can be directed to particular people or groups and are seen only by them. The fleeting nature of a Snap tends to inspire sharing more freely without trying to get everything just perfect. While Snapchat favors user-created content, sharing links to content from other apps is easy as well.


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Snapchat users can share a video link directly from the YouTube app in a super-fast and easy, one-step process. Of course, both the Snapchat and YouTube apps should be installed on the user’s iPhone or Android phone. Then from the YouTube app, when a video is found that’s interesting, funny, or notable in some way, tapping the Share button below the video will open a menu with options for how to proceed. Snapchat should appear as an option and tapping its familiar yellow ghost logo will open the Snapchat camera with a link to the YouTube video on the screen. Then simply continue with the Snap as usual and select which friends it will be sent to.

A Snap With A YouTube Video

Snapchat android iphone

YouTube links can be shared to Snapchat Stories as well as to Snaps that are sent directly to others. All of the many Snapchat camera features remain available when sharing a video link, as well as Snapchat’s Creative Tools. Obviously, the ability to integrate the two apps so seamlessly required a partnership with Google and the two companies have been pairing up on other projects as well. The Pixel 6 has some special Snapchat features, such as the ability to use Night Sight within the Snapchat camera and the Quick Tap to Snap that allows a back tap to launch the Snapchat camera.

The YouTube integration expands that partnership, making it easier to use both apps together. When a Snapchat user receives a Snap with a YouTube video link, tapping the link will open the YouTube app on their device and load the video that was shared. It’s quite simple and saves the hassle of copying and pasting as was required before this integration was added. Now Snapchat users can share videos with just a quick tap on the Share button in the YouTube app.