The Pixel 6a marks Google’s latest attempt at a budget smartphone, and along with ample specs and a competitive price, the 6a also comes in a few fun colors. Although Pixels haven’t had wildly successful sales over the years, they have stood out as some of the best Android devices around. This is largely thanks to Google’s excellent camera/image processing, unique software features, and rapid software updates.

Another way Google’s tried to make Pixels stand out is with fun colors. It all started in 2016 when the original Pixel launched in the vibrant Really Blue color. It was overly saturated, difficult to find in stock, and gave the Pixel a wholly original look. And Google has kept dabbling with fun colors since then. Other Pixels have given us Kinda Blue, Not Pink, Oh So Orange, and Sorta Sage.


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While Google’s creative naming has taken a back seat in recent years, that hasn’t stopped the company from getting creative with its color options. The most recent Pixel 6a is the latest example of this. The $449 handset comes in three distinct colors — including Sage, Chalk, and Charcoal.

Pixel 6a In Sage

Pixel 6a in Sage

Without a doubt, Sage is the best and most striking color for the Pixel 6a. The top portion has a light green color, the lower part of the backside gets a slightly darker shade, and both are separated by the iconic black camera bar. It’s easily the most eye-catching Pixel 6a color, but it’s also not over the top the way Really Blue and Oh So Orange were. Striking that mixture of a fun color that still looks professional isn’t an easy thing to balance, but the Sage Pixel 6a does it with grace.

Pixel 6a In Chalk

Pixel 6a in Chalk

But that’s just our opinion. There are plenty of folks out there who will look at Sage and think it’s just too much for a smartphone. For them, the Chalk color for the Pixel 6a might be a better option. This color has a gray portion at the top, the black camera bar in the middle, and a light gray/dark white paint job below it. It’s more minimalistic than the Sage color, but it remains visually interesting thanks to the contrasting shades of gray, black, and white.

Pixel 6a In Charcoal

Pixel 6a in Charcoal

And, finally, there’s the Pixel 6a in Charcoal — aka the most boring Pixel 6a color. The whole thing is a mixture of gray and black, giving it the most subdued aesthetic of the lineup. While it won’t win any flashy design awards, it’s also the perfect color for someone who wants a stealthy phone. The Charcoal Pixel 6a is sleek, discrete, and perfect for not drawing unwanted attention to yourself. If that’s the kind of color you’re after, Charcoal is the way to go.