A poster for the upcoming film Doctor Jekyll offers a sneak peek at Eddie Izzard in the title role of Nina Jekyll. The film is produced by Hammer Studios and directed by Joe Stephenson. Scott Chambers will star alongside Izzard as Rob, Nina Jekyll’s newly-hired helper who assists Jekyll in her attempt to overcome her Hyde personality. 

Doctor Jekyll is based on the renowned Robert Louis Stevenson novel The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Doctor Jekyll is the latest in a series of attempts to adapt the classic story to film. Stevenson’s tale has worked its way into a multitude of media adaptations, ranging from the 1931 film Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to a catchy musical segment within the popular children’s TV series Arthur.


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Doctor Jekyll’s first poster provides an early look at Eddie Izzard in Stephenson’s rendition of the story. The poster reveals Izzard in an eerie silhouette with a formidable shadow lurking beneath her, likely suggestive of Hyde. The film is currently in post-production. See the poster below:


While Izzard is a seasoned comedian and has been in notable films such as Ocean’s Thirteen and Across the Universe, the bulk of Doctor Jekyll’s creative team consists of rising talents. Stephenson and Chambers have worked together before on smaller films such as 2015’s indie feature Chicken. Though remaking Jekyll and Hyde is an ambitious project for a newer filmmaker, hopefully, Stephenson’s project will deliver the enticing horror promised by this first poster.