A recent Apple Watch Series 8 leak reveals significant design changes coming to Apple‘s wearable, matching the styling of the latest iPhone with flat edges and a flat display. For anyone who follows Apple Watch news, this will sound quite familiar. The Apple Watch Series 7 was expected to bring this dramatic change but did not. Instead, it became even rounder, a shock to the news media conveying these confident leaks for months.

The Apple Watch Series 7 was a nice upgrade over the previous generation. However, Apple added no new sensors. While the screen did get a little larger and much rounder, not much else changed. Apple claimed the domed glass of this display significantly increased crack resistance. It doesn’t seem that cracking from a fall has been a common problem with past Apple Watch models, yet the current design is even less likely to break. While smartphones are easy to drop, a strap-on device is much more secure, so it would require a tumble by the wearer for this to be a problem.


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Now, the same Apple Watch rumor is back and from the same source. However, there is corroboration from another leaker. According to a recent YouTube video from Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, the new Apple Watch Series 8 might look just like the smartwatch that was claimed to be the Apple Watch Series 7. It will feature flat sides and a flat-screen, just like the iPhone 12 and 13. Supposedly, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 was the device Prosser saw in 2021, and Apple might have always planned this design for release in 2022. Twitter leaker ShrimpApplePro corroborates Prosser’s 2021 leak suggesting that the glass for the Apple Watch Series 8 is flat. This design change for a future Apple Watch has not been in question, it’s simply a matter of when it would come to market, and perhaps 2022 is the answer.

Apple Watch Series 8 Rugged

Apple Watch Series 8 Render Front Page Tech Two Colors

Another twist in the plot of the rumor mill for the Apple Watch Series 8 is that there might be a new variant this year. A ‘rugged’ model could appear, and Prosser noted that there is a possibility that only this more durable model would get the straight face and sides, while the standard Apple Watch Series 8 could be just as round as the Series 7.

Since Apple claims the rounder Apple Watch Series 7 is more durable, it calls into question how a flat design could be deemed more rugged. Earlier rumors about this more durable Apple Watch suggest that it could have a rubberized exterior. If a protective coating is applied to the case, that would not only absorb impacts. It could protect from scratches. However, it will likely be at least four months before the actual Apple Watch Series 8 is seen, and it might be best to just wait and see this time.