Using wireless headphones with multiple devices is easier said than done, but with the new Skullcandy Mod earbuds that have just been announced, Skullcandy thinks it has a solution to that problem. More often than not, the wireless earbud space is dominated by the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Sony. AirPods and Galaxy Buds are undeniably great, but they’re also far from the only options available.

If you do a little bit of digging, you’ll quickly find smaller earbud brands like Skullcandy delivering just as good (if not better) options. Skullcandy is behind some of the best-selling stereo headphones and true wireless earbuds under $100. Last September, it grew its wireless earbud family with the Grind Fuel and Push Active earbuds — delivering features like offline voice controls, USB-C charging, and up to 44 hours of total battery life.


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To kickstart its 2022 earbud family, Skullcandy has now announced the Skullcandy Mod. Where last year’s Skullcandy buds were focused on voice control, the big draw to the Mod is Skullcandy’s new ‘multipoint pairing’ system. This allows you to pair the Mod to multiple devices at once and seamlessly switch between them at a moment’s notice. Multi-device pairing isn’t a new feature in 2022, but the $60 price Skullcandy’s asking for the Mod makes their inclusion of it all the more impressive.

Skullcandy Mod Specs & Availability

Skullcandy Mod earbuds

Of course, multi-device pairing isn’t the only draw to the Skullcandy Mod. Another standout feature is the Mod’s inclusion of built-in Tile tracking. If you happen to misplace the Mod earbuds, you can use the Tile companion app to ring the earbuds and see their last known location. The earbuds also have an IP55 dust/water resistance rating, up to 34 hours of total battery life, and USB-C charging. Skullcandy’s also promoting its ‘rapid charging case,’ which delivers two hours of battery life after placing the earbuds in the case for just 10 minutes.

Is it disappointing to not have Qi wireless charging, active noise cancellation, and in-ear detection? Sure. But given the $60 price tag — and the inclusion of multi-device pairing for that price — those omissions are much easier to swallow. Skullcandy’s not trying to compete with AirPods Pro or the new Pixel Buds Pro with the Mod. If you have a limited budget, want a reliable earbud package, and need multi-device pairing for your workflow, the Mod are a really unique option. If you’re interested, pre-sales for the Skullcandy Mod are available starting today at Skullcandy’s website and ‘select retailers nationwide.’