A beta graphics driver for Intel’s Arc A350M and A370M laptop graphics cards has seemingly revealed the entire list of the company’s upcoming Arc desktop GPUs. Intel officially announced its Arc A-series discrete GPUs for laptops in late March, thereby joining Nvidia and AMD as one of the three discrete GPU makers in the industry. Of course, the company already offered integrated GPU solutions for its desktop and mobile CPUs, but the expansion to discreet graphics has enthused gamers and DIY enthusiasts everywhere.

Users have been excitedly waiting for the Arc Alchemist cards, but they were recently delayed due to software issues and the impact of the Covid lockdowns in China. The cards were expected to launch between May and June 2022, but only the entry-level Arc 3 laptop cards are currently available to OEMs, while the more powerful Arc 5 and Arc 7 cards are expected to launch later. As for the desktop cards, they will only be available later this summer, according to Intel’s Lisa Pearce.


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Intel’s recent beta graphics driver (version for its Arc Alchemist laptop graphics cards on Windows mentions several upcoming Arc GPUs, both for desktops and laptops. Specifically, the driver says the Intel Arc A770, A750, A580, A380, and A310 desktop GPUs and A770M, A730M, and A550 laptop GPUs. What’s more, the Arc Pro A40/A50 and Arc A30M graphics cards have also been mentioned, suggesting that Intel is also working on ‘Pro’ variants of some of the models. In addition, while Arc 3, Arc 5, and Arc 7 are the mainstream models expected to be launched this summer, Intel is also reportedly working on Arc 9-series GPUs that should compete with high-end models from Nvidia and AMD. Twitter user momomo_us first spotted the mention of Intel’s unannounced GPUs in the beta driver.

Intel’s Upcoming Arc Alchemist Desktop Cards

There’s no more new information on Intel’s upcoming GPUs for now, but it is worth noting that this is not the first time some of these cards have popped up in leaks and rumors. Earlier this month, a massive leak out of Taiwan revealed the pricing information about some of the upcoming cards. According to the report, the company will initially launch the A750 and the A380, followed by the A580 a few weeks later.

The A750 is said to be comparable with the Nvidia RTX 3060 in terms of performance and will reportedly be priced at around $350. This will be followed by the A580, which will match the RTX 3050 in performance and carry a $280 price tag. As for the Arc A380, it is said to be comparable to the GTX 1650 and will have a $150 MSRP. However, there was no information on how the flagship Arc A770 will be priced and no mention of Intel’s entry-level Arc 310, either.