New Profile Pic’s popularity is undeniable — but one thing that’s less certain about the app is how much it really costs. There are dozens of smartphone apps that go viral in any given year. From trendy photo editors, hot games, and new social media platforms, people are always looking for the next big thing. So far in 2022, apps like Locket Widget, BeReal, and Prequel have all had their time in the spotlight.

But while many of these viral apps appear to be free, some of them have hidden costs lying beneath the surface. The viral Prequel app, for example, shows up on the App Store as a free download. But if you want all of its features, you need to pay $4.99/week or $17.99/year. Some other apps like Locket Widget and NoteIt are actually 100 percent free, but that’s not the case with every application.


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That all brings us back to New Profile Pic. The New Profile Pic app exploded in May 2022 thanks to the stylish cartoon filter it can apply to your photos — specifically, profile pictures. Simply download New Profile Pic, upload a picture of yourself, and it turns you into a hand-drawn cartoon in seconds. The best part? You can use New Profile Pic for free. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, New Profile Pic lets you get your own cartoon profile pictures without spending a dime.

Explaining The Hidden Cost Of New Profile Pic

The New Profile Pic app

While the core experience of New Profile Pic is free, the app does have an optional paid subscription you can sign up for. After opening New Profile Pic, tap the ‘Pro’ icon at the top right of the screen. This shows a splash screen for New Profile Pic VIP, which is described as follows: “Be more awesome! Try VIP for free now and become one of the few, the amazing, the New Profile Pic VIP!” Following a free three-day trial of New Profile Pic VIP, the subscription costs $24.99/year (about $2 per month).

So, what do you get for $25 each year? The big draw to the VIP membership is that it removes all of the ads in New Profile Pic. If you use the app for free, you’ll see advertisements while waiting for your photos to process. With New Profile Pic VIP, you don’t have to see any ads in the app. Furthermore, VIP users can access all of New Profile Pic’s editing tools. If you want to use all of New Profile Pic’s cartoon styles and backgrounds, you’ll need the VIP subscription.

Does all of that make it worth paying for New Profile Pic? That depends entirely on how often you use the app. If you just want to check out the cartoon filters and don’t mind the occasional advertisement, there’s no reason not to use New Profile Pic for free. Paying for the membership might make sense if you use New Profile Pic multiple times per week, but for everyone else, the free version of the app is perfectly fine.