Google’s Pixel Watch is all set to launch later this year, and according to the latest rumors, it could be powered by a four-year-old processor. Google officially announced the Pixel Watch at its I/O developer conference this month, but most of its details about it are still shrouded in mystery. At the event, Google’s SVP for Devices & Services, Rick Osterloh, was spotted wearing the smartwatch and gave a quick overview of some of its features. He also confirmed that it would only be compatible with devices running Android 8.0 Oreo or later.

Google only provided a teaser of the Pixel Watch at the event, including a few insights into its design. From the official images, it looks as though the device would come with clean lines and a minimalist look, including a circular dome design and a tactile crown. It will ship with the latest version of Wear OS and will be compatible with voice commands. Thanks to built-in Google Assistant, the device will also have the ability to control connected smart home products and even support tap-to-pay using the new Google Wallet at supported locations.


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According to an unnamed source quoted by 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 9110 — a four-year-old SoC that powered the first Galaxy Watch in 2018. As pointed out by the report, Samsung continued using the Exynos 9110 for a couple of years after it first appeared, launching a slew of smartwatches powered by the same chip. Thanks to years of recycling, it could be found inside the Galaxy Active and Galaxy Active 2 from 2019, as well as the Galaxy Watch 3 from 2020. The report doesn’t reveal any further new information about the Pixel Watch, but if the news about the old chipset turns out to be accurate, it could disappoint many potential buyers looking forward to the release of the new smartwatch.

What To Expect From the Exynos 9110

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As for what to expect from the Exynos 9110, it is built with a 10nm process and is unlikely to be as power-efficient as more modern chipsets like the Exynos W920. The Exynos 9110 comes with 2x ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cores clocked at 1.15 GHz. It also comes with an integrated ARM Mali-T720 GPU, according to WikiChip. Unlike the 9110, the new W920, which powers the Galaxy Watch 4, is built using a 5nm process node. It comes with 2x ARM Cortex-A55 CPU cores and the ARM Mali-G68 GPU. According to Samsung, it is 20 percent faster in CPU workloads and 10x quicker in graphics performance than the Exynos 9110.

Despite Google playing its cards close to its chest, multiple leaks over the past few months have revealed a few important tidbits about the Pixel Watch. A report from late last month claimed that Google might have a tie-up with Samsung for the Pixel Watch. According to tipster Yogesh Brar, the device might sport many of the same sensors as the Galaxy Watch 4, including an ECG sensor. The Pixel Watch will also reportedly come with a new build of Wear OS 3.1 and will be offered in two sizes with four different strap colors. Brar also claimed that the Pixel Watch could have a limited release and be priced between $300 and $400.