Samsung’s upcoming new wearable might be getting a significant upgrade, with recent claims suggesting that it will make the Galaxy Watch 5 with titanium and Sapphire glass. These are premium materials and will probably come with a higher price. With the recent news of the Google Pixel Watch coming this fall and a more rugged Apple Watch Series 8 rumored, smartwatches will get much more interesting.

Titanium has been used in a smartwatch before. Samsung released a new and more expensive version of the Galaxy Watch 3 in 2020, a couple of months after the standard launch that used this super-strong material. The price was $600, which was 50 percent more than the steel version. The Galaxy Watch 2 also had a titanium option, but the latest model, the Galaxy Watch 4, did not. Screen protection has been limited to Corning Gorilla Glass, which is crack resistant, yet scratches just like regular glass.


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A recent Tweet by one of the most well-known Samsung leakers, Ice Universe, suggests that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be much more durable. The materials are described as Sapphire glass and Titanium, matching those of the strongest Apple Watch. Titanium is among the toughest metals globally, and Sapphire glass is harder and more scratch-resistant than even the best Gorilla Glass. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro name used in the Tweet confirms an earlier rumor that Samsung might launch a ‘Pro’ or ‘Ultra’ version of its flagship smartwatch in 2022. The titanium option might only be available for this high-end model of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5.

Why A Titanium Galaxy Watch 5?

Galaxy Watch3

A Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or Ultra might be coming this fall from Samsung with an option to choose a strong and light titanium case as well as a scratch-resistant Sapphire glass screen. These are known to be more durable materials than stainless steel and Gorilla Glass, but there are additional benefits as well. For example, titanium is about forty percent lighter than steel and more corrosion resistant.  In addition, this metal is often used in biomedical applications since it doesn’t react with the body.

Something that’s even more interesting than the titanium case is the possibility of Samsung using Sapphire glass to protect the screen. This would be the first time a Galaxy Watch would have a super scratch-resistant display. Since a smartwatch is more exposed to potential damage than any other mobile technology, this extra durability is welcome, particularly for Samsung’s most expensive model, the rumored Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.