An iPhone with a USB-C port has long been nothing but a pipe dream, but thanks to a new report from a reliable Apple leaker, it looks like next year’s iPhone 15 could finally make the fabled switch. On its own, Apple‘s Lightning port is fine. It’s small, reversible, and much easier to use than the old 30-pin connector.

But Lightning doesn’t exist on its own. Most gadgets from other manufacturers — and even many Apple devices — now charge with USB-C. And they’ve done so for a few years now. If you have a Galaxy S22, iPad Pro, and a Dell XPS 13 laptop, all of them can be charged with the exact same USB-C cable. Combined with the much faster charging speeds supported by USB-C, it’s easy to why so people have been nagging Apple to ditch its aging Lightning port on the iPhone and add a USB-C one.


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After years of constant speculation, that day may soon be upon us. On May 13, Apple leaker Mark Gurman published a Bloomberg article titled,  “Apple Testing iPhones That Ditch Lightning Ports in Favor of USB-C.” And the report outlines exactly what the title suggests. According to Gurman, Apple is actively testing new iPhone models that have a USB-C charging port instead of a Lightning one. Gurman doesn’t expect Apple to have USB-C ready for the iPhone 14 series launching this year, but he speculates that it may be ready for 2023’s iPhone 15 family.

Two Reports Confirming Apple’s USB-C Switch

The Lightning port on an iPhone

If this news sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the second major report this week discussing the iPhone’s USB-C future. On May 11, Ming-Chi Kuo Tweeted that the 2023 iPhone “will abandon Lightning port and switch to USB-C port.” One of the biggest Apple leakers hinting at a USB-C iPhone 15 is one thing, but having two of them saying the same thing is pretty noteworthy.

Why make the change now? There are tangible benefits that’d come with a USB-C iPhone. It’d bring port harmony between the iPhone and other Apple devices with USB-C, potentially allow for substantially faster charging speeds, and bring the market one step closer to a universal charging standard. Gurman also mentions that the ongoing legislation in the EU — which would eventually force Apple to switch to USB-C — is a “key reason” for this move.

Although nothing is official until Apple says so itself, having two of the most reliable Apple leakers double down on the USB-C rumor is encouraging. A USB-C iPhone is something that people have been harping Apple about for literal years now. The fact that it might actually happen next year is kind of hard to believe, but it sure looks like that’s what’ll happen.