Google is now ready to take on Apple with its new Pixel Watch and it’s about time. Since its launch in 2015, the Apple Watch has dominated the wearable industry, outselling every other manufacturer for many years. It’s not that other smartwatches were bad, but rather that the Apple Watch was more reliable, cohesive, and responsive.

Smartwatches based on Android Wear, Tizen, and Wear OS are often loaded with hardware capabilities and extended battery life. On paper, they sound great. In use, those same devices can disappoint with overheating, sluggish performance, and sometimes awkward interfaces. That is already changing with Wear OS 3.0 and higher performance chips coming to smartwatches that will make them more competitive with Apple‘s wearable.


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Google recently teased its Pixel Watch. The appearance wasn’t surprising because it looks just like the ‘lost’ Google smartwatch from a couple of weeks ago. While only minimal details were shared at Google’s 2022 I/O event, it was clear that this is meant to be an Apple Watch challenger. The digital crown is there, with tactile control rather than physical rotation. The health and fitness focus plays a big role, which is immediately a significant threat to Apple since Google owns Fitbit, the other major fitness wearable brand. Google touted integration at this event more than ever before, with Google’s Better Together quickly advancing to potentially rival Apple’s Continuity.

Google Wants To Be Apple

It’s not just the Pixel Watch that suggests that Google wants to be Apple, or at least to enjoy the hardware success that Apple does. Emulation is the greatest form of flattery they say and a Pixel tablet that integrates with a Pixel phone that communicates with a Chromebook and Pixel Watch is beginning to sound very much like an alternate reality where Google becomes Apple. The Pixel Watch is another piece in the growing Google ecosystem that might someday challenge Apple’s hardware, which automatically rewards customers for coming back for more with greater ease of use between devices.

In truth, a super amazing Pixel Watch won’t be able to overthrow the Apple Watch in a year. Apple has too large of a lead. The Pixel 6 series was incredibly popular for a Google smartphone and didn’t impact iPhone 13 sales at all. The same will be true for the Pixel Watch. However, Google is laying the groundwork for its products and for the Android-based industry to hold and possibly gain a little market share back from Apple, which has been on a roll the last few years. The only thing slowing it down is the supply chain. The Pixel Watch might be the first real Apple Watch competitor that has a chance to turn the tide.