After dabbling with stylus options for its budget Moto G smartphones, Motorola is now launching its more premium Motorola Smart Stylus for the flagship Edge+. When it launched this past March, the Motorola Edge+ was received with fairly mixed reactions. The Edge+ was hailed for its 144Hz display and excellent battery life, yet criticized for middling camera performance and a lackluster update policy. In our review of the phone, we said that Motorola, “still has some kinks to iron out with its flagship formula.”

But the Edge+ has been missing one of its most interesting features during all that time. When it announced the phone, Motorola was hyping up an optional stylus accessory for the Edge+. It’s not a built-in stylus like you get on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but it shows Motorola’s commitment to expanding its stylus-supported phones beyond the Moto G family. Following almost a two-month hiatus, the Edge+’s stylus is finally here.

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There are two components to Motorola’s stylus approach here. First, there’s the stylus itself — branded as the Motorola Smart Stylus. It has a slim profile, a Motorola logo near the bottom, a fine tip at the end, and a physical button for remote controls (more on that later). The Smart Stylus is also accompanied by a folio case. There’s a slot for the Smart Stylus on the back of the case that houses and charges the stylus when not in use. Furthermore, the front of the folio case has a cutout for viewing the time, date, and notifications when the case is closed. For the Motorola Smart Stylus and the folio case, you’ll pay $79.99.

The Smart Stylus Is Motorola’s Best Stylus Yet

Motorola Smart Stylus

Is that a lot of money for a stylus accessory? Certainly. But to Motorola’s credit, the Smart Stylus is more advanced than the previous styluses we’ve seen on its Moto G handsets. In addition to using the stylus for drawing, writing, and navigating the UI, the aforementioned button also allows for some unique functionality. With the camera app open on the Edge+, pressing the stylus button once snaps a photo. If you press the button twice, you can switch between the rear and front cameras. Furthermore, using the Smart Stylus with the Ready For app on the Edge+ allows you to move your mouse cursor, scroll, and left/right-click.

If you already have the Edge+ and want to use its screen for note-taking or doodling, the Smart Stylus is an interesting accessory. It’s guaranteed to work seamlessly with the Edge+, the physical button allows for some remote control of your phone, and you get a folio case bundled with it. But if you’re in the market for a new phone that you want to use specifically for stylus work, it’s difficult to see this dethroning the Galaxy S22 Ultra any time soon. Regardless, the $79.99 Motorola Smart Stylus is available for purchase now at Verizon and Motorola’s website.