People on social media are raving about the New Profile Pic app as a fun way to upgrade your profile picture game — leading many people to wonder what the app really is and how to use it. New smartphone apps are constantly released. Some have a difficult time getting any traction, others build up a small yet loyal following, and others go absolutely viral.

Those viral apps are something we’ve seen a lot of in 2022. Locket Widget was the iPhone app to download back in January. NoteIt saw a similarly huge following a few weeks later, Spam App had a brief minute in the spotlight, and the BeReal app is one of the current app darlings.

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But those apps are all yesterday’s news. As of May 2022, the app called ‘New Profile Pic’ is the number one most downloaded application on the App Store and Google Play Store. As the name implies, the whole point of New Profile Pic is that it’s a dedicated application for making new profile pictures. After uploading a photo of yourself, New Profile Pic lets you apply filters and fun background effects. The main draw to New Profile Pic, however, is its viral cartoon filter. Similar to Prequel App that went viral earlier this year, New Profile Pic has a filter that transforms your profile picture into a hand-drawn cartoon. It’s an undeniably fun effect, and it’s the reason New Profile Pic is as popular as it is.

How To Use New Profile Pic App

The New Profile Pic app

If you want to use the New Profile Pic app and its cartoon filter for yourself, getting started is quite easy. Open the App Store on your iPhone (or Play Store on Android), search for ‘New Profile Pic,’ and download the app titled ‘NewProfilePic Picture Editor.’ Once the app is downloaded, open it and tap the green ‘Choose Photo’ button at the bottom of the screen. This gives you a few options. The default ‘Camera Roll ‘ section shows all of your phone’s pictures. Alternatively, you can tap the ‘Faces’ tab to see photos with detected faces. And if you’d rather not upload a photo of yourself, you can tap the ‘Celebs’ tab to edit a picture of a famous celebrity.

After selecting a photo, you’ll need to wait a couple of seconds for the New Profile Pic app to analyze the image and apply its AI filter. Before too long, your screen should update with the picture and its newly-applied cartoon effect. If you want to change the background behind the picture, tap any of the options above or below the photo to see what the other options look like. Once you’re happy with everything, tap the green ‘Save & Share’ button. Here, you can choose to download the image to your phone or upload it directly to your preferred social media app.

Using the New Profile Pic app is easy enough — but should you? Technically, there’s nothing outright dangerous about the app. It’s free to download, doesn’t require you to enter any personal information, and can be deleted at any time. But as with any photo editing app like this, you’re willingly sharing pictures of yourself with a relatively unknown application. If you’re actively concerned about digital privacy, it’s not a bad idea to avoid the New Profile Pic app and edit your photos another way. But if you’re not so worried about those things, the New Profile Pic app is a fun and easy way to take your profile picture game to the next level.