A massive leak revealed that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 would carry the same design language as its predecessor. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is expected to launch later this year, but reports suggest that Samsung could drop the ‘Z’ from its name as the Kremlin and pro-Putin trolls are extensively using the letter on the internet as a mark of support for the invasion of Ukraine.

Over the past few weeks, multiple leaks have also revealed some interesting tidbits about the upcoming device. One of the rumors suggests that it might ship with an almost-square main display instead of the 5:4 aspect ratio found on the Fold 3. Another rumor suggests the phone will not ship with a built-in stylus slot, which would indicate that it won’t come with the S Pen out of the box.

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The latest leak about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes courtesy of Steve Hemmerstoffer, a.k.a. @OnLeaks. According to images and information shared by the prolific tipster with Indian tech blog SmartPrix, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will come with two displays like its predecessor, including the main display and a cover display. The latter will be a 6.2-inch unit, while the main display on the inside will measure 7.6-inches — big enough for media consumption and productivity. At least the inner display is said to be a high-refresh OLED panel, while the under-display camera is said to be an “improved version” of what’s seen in the current model. Meanwhile, the outer panel looks to have a centralized punch-hole camera if the renders are anything to go by.

Triple Cameras And A Squarish Display?

Galaxy Z Fold 4 leaked render

Image Courtesy: OnLeaks/SmartPrix

One of the significant design changes in the upcoming phone would be the triple camera module at the back. As can be seen in the images, it comes with three separate camera lenses protruding slightly from the body, not unlike the camera design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. There’s also what seems to be the mandatory LED flash for low-light photography. The report also claims that there’s a “very minute change in the hinge design,” but that likely wouldn’t be very noticeable for most users.

In terms of dimensions, the upcoming phone will reportedly measure 155 x 130 x 7.1 mm when unfolded, which is shorter but broader than the Z Fold 3. If these measurements are correct, that would confirm earlier rumors that the Fold 4 would ship with a more squarish panel than its predecessor. In that case, how the unusual aspect ratio would affect media consumption remains to be seen. Either way, there’s no more new information on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, but there will likely be more leaks in the lead-up to its official launch later this year.