After introducing the first iPod over 20 years ago, Apple has announced that it’s officially discontinuing the product lineup and laying the iPod to rest. While Apple has become famous for a few different gadgets, it’s safe to say that the iPod was one of its most impactful. From the original iPod in 2001, the iconic iPad nano, and the more recent iPod touch, the iPod is one of Apple‘s most well-known gadgets.

At least it used to be. While the iPod was a staple of Apple‘s for most of the 2000s, that focus started to shift once the iPhone was introduced in 2007. As smartphones became more popular, music streaming services exploded, and wireless data became cheaper, the need for a dedicated MP3 player became less and less.

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And that brings us to today’s announcement. On May 10, 2022, Apple announced in a press release that it’s discontinuing the iPod touch — the last remaining iPod in Apple’s product lineup. The reasoning is pretty straightforward. With products like the iPhone SE, HomePod mini, and Apple Music, there’s just not a place for the iPod in 2022. Per Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak, “Today, the spirit of iPod lives on. We’ve integrated an incredible music experience across all of our products, from the iPhone to the Apple Watch to HomePod mini, and across Mac, iPad, and Apple TV.”

The iPod touch Is Available While Supplies Last

Apple iPod touch

While the iPod touch is no longer featured on Apple’s website, the company is still selling its remaining stock ‘while supplies last.’ You can buy a 32GB iPod touch for as little as $199 or spend as much as $399 for the 256GB model. Furthermore, all colors and storage configurations appear to be available at the time of publication. The iPod touch and its aging specs aren’t that useful in 2022, but if you want a piece of Apple history to hold onto, you do still have some time to buy what’ll probably be the last iPod ever.

On the one hand, it’s bizarre to say goodbye to one of the most famous gadget lineups from the past two decades. The iPod was the thing to have for most of the early and mid-2000s. It was far from the only MP3 player available, but it was the pinnacle of that niche — and a large reason why Apple is as successful as it is today.

But that’s all in the past. Realistically, the iPod just doesn’t make sense anymore. Its influence and importance are unignorable. But as a product that Apple is actively manufacturing and selling, the iPod’s ship sailed a long time ago. It’s the end of the iPod touch, the end of the iPod name as we know it, and the end of one of Apple’s most important lineups ever. Cheers to you, iPod.