When the Motorola Edge+ (2022) was announced, it was revealed to have stylus support, and like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the stylus will have to be purchased separately. Motorola is yet to begin selling the stylus in the United States, but a European listing gives an idea of how much it will retail for when it arrives in this part of the world.

Motorola already makes phones with stylus support that are sold under the Moto G Stylus line. The latest model is the Moto G Stylus 5G (2022), which carries a $499 price tag. As the price reflects, this is an affordable stylus-toting alternative to more expensive models such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra. To keep the price low, this isn’t a stylus on the level of the S Pen. It doesn’t connect via Bluetooth, nor does it have any shortcut buttons on the side.

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The stylus for the Motorola Edge+ 2022 is quite different from the one that ships with the Moto G Stylus phones. Motorola says it is its first smart stylus, and it connects via Bluetooth to the phone. According to a product listing on Motorola Germany’s website, the smart stylus allows for precise navigation or editing of photos on the phone. Owners can also use it to write notes using the Moto Notes app or as an air mouse when using the ‘Ready For’ feature. The stylus has a gray finish and a button on the side. An earlier leak revealed the stylus charges wirelessly, which makes sense since the Motorola Edge 2022 supports 5W wireless power-sharing.

Motorola’s Smart Stylus Connects Via Bluetooth

The Motorola Smart Stylus has a storage slot on the back of the folio case

Alongside the smart stylus is a second accessory — a folio case with a slot on the back for owners to store the stylus. The case has a window strip on the front that makes it easy to view notifications and answer calls. It can also fold into a stand in landscape mode. Motorola sells both accessories as a bundle for €44.99, which converts to about $47. That is cheap in comparison to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone Cover with S Pen bundle that has a $70 price tag in the U.S. There is no news yet as to when the stylus and folio case will be available in the United States, but the European price tag hints at it being more affordable than Samsung’s bundle.

Despite this being Motorola’s first smart stylus, it doesn’t seem to be pushing this feature of the phone. The Motorola Edge+ 2022 is already a hard sell considering its build quality (Gorilla Glass 3, plastic frame, and IP52 rating), and some of its features, such as camera performance, do not match its $1000 launch price. However, a permanent discount paired with this low-priced stylus+folio bundle may be enough to convince folks to give it a second look as an alternative to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.