Telegram offers users several customization options, including the ability to create custom Chat Backgrounds and add visual effects to existing ones. Users can even set different chat backgrounds for different chats. While the feature might not be useful for all users, it’s a treat for those who like to change their chat backgrounds often.

Telegram also allows users to set custom notification sounds for specific chats, a feature that isn’t available on WhatsApp. Instead of using the same notification sound for all contacts, users can set different sounds for specific contacts to recognize who has sent a text through the message tone. The platform also allows users to set up a public username. Like other social media platforms, the Telegram username must be unique.

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Telegram introduced Chat Backgrounds 2.0 via an update in January 2019. The feature allows Telegram users to create and customize their chat backgrounds on the platform. While WhatsApp allows users to choose from four categories, including Bright, Dark, Solid Colors, and gallery uploads, Telegram provides a wider range of options. Users can choose from abstract pattern backgrounds, bright gradients, solid colors, wallpapers from the internet, and more. In fact, users can even apply blur and motion effects on supported chat backgrounds.

Create Telegram Chat Backgrounds

search for chat backgrounds on Telegram

To create or customize Telegram chat backgrounds, head over to Settings > Chat Settings > Change Chat Background on Android or Settings > Appearance > Chat Background on iOS. This is the same menu used to activate Telegram’s Dark Mode. In the menu, tap on Set a Color and select one from the available options containing solid backgrounds and gradients. Users can now choose to add patterns or adjust opacity for the selected background. If choosing a background with a gradient, users will see a second option to select colors. Once the changes are made, tap on Set at the bottom of the screen.

Telegram users can also choose from photographs available in the Chat Background menu. When an image is selected, users can either blur the image or add motion to it. There’s even an option to search for backgrounds on the web by tapping on the magnifying glass at the top right corner of the menu. For instance, Iron Man fans who want a themed chat background can search for available options from right within the app. Users who want to share a particular background with someone else on Telegram can do so by tapping on the arrow icon at the top-right corner of the display.