A massive leak has seemingly revealed some of the key specifications of Intel‘s upcoming Alder Lake-HX processors. Intel is expected to announce its new processor lineup at its Vision event, which is slated to be held over two days from May 10-11. Details about the new chips were revealed in a massive leak last month. The latest report now seems to corroborate most of the earlier information, showing powerful, desktop-grade processors on laptops for gamers and enthusiasts.

While Intel has long been synonymous with CPUs, the company recently released its first set of Arc GPUs for laptops, with the desktop cards expected to debut later in 2022. Intel has become a third major competitor in a GPU market dominated by Nvidia and AMD with the Arc A-series cards. The company has long offered integrated GPU solutions for its desktop and mobile CPUs, but the expansion to discreet graphics has caught the imagination of gamers and DIY enthusiasts worldwide.

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Just a couple of days before the announcement of Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake-HX laptop CPUs, VideoCardz has published what seems to be an official Intel slide, listing as many as seven new chips that are slated to be revealed at the upcoming event. The Alder Lake-HX lineup will be based on desktop silicon and are expected to be the first laptop CPUs with 16 cores, as well as the first to support PCIe Gen5 and DDR5 memory. One of the most critical aspects of the upcoming chips is that they’ll all be targeted at enthusiasts and support overclocking.

High Performance, Massive TDP

Intel Core Processor Chip Shortage

Delving deeper into the specifications, three of the top-end chips in the Alder Lake-HX lineup will include eight performance and eight efficiency cores. If the leaked slide is anything to go by, the flagship Core i9-12950HX will have a 2.3GHz base clock and a 5GHz max turbo frequency for its performance cores, while its efficiency cores will have a 1.7GHz base clock and a 3.6GHz boost frequency. All the chips in the lineup will also have hyper-threading, with the top three offering up to 24 threads overall. Even the entry-level Core i5-12450HX will have eight cores and 12 threads.

The Alder Lake-HX platform also features a complete set of 48 PCIe lanes, including 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes, 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes, and 12 PCIe 3.0 lanes. It will also support DDR5 memory with XMP 3.0 profiles and Dynamic Memory Boost. In terms of power requirements, the Alder Lake-HX chips are all said to ship with an identical default TDP of 55W, but it can be pushed up to 157W for overclocked chips. Finally, coming to the integrated GPUs on the new chips, the slide suggests that the core count has been reduced to 16 on the base SKU and 32 on the six other SKUs. That, however, might be irrelevant, as the report claims that all devices with the new Intel processors will ship with discrete graphics cards.