Like several messaging applications, including Signal and Facebook Messenger, Telegram comes with a built-in dark mode. There could be multiple scenarios when users want to use the application in dark mode. For instance, they could be planning a secret birthday party for their parents after their bedtime. Or, users could be scrolling through the updates in a particular Channel in a dark environment.  Telegram’s dark mode does the job quite well for all intents and purposes, and it’s pretty easy to enable.

As the application keeps releasing new features throughout the year, it keeps gaining popularity. According to Statista, Telegram has over 500 million monthly active users. Last month, Telegram added some new exciting features, including custom notification sounds, custom mute durations, and auto-delete menus. While all users might not use these features, some would love to have auto-delete durations set for particular chats. Further, those who like to have a personalized app experience will also set up custom notification sounds.

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Since many users prefer using their apps in dark mode, both the Android and iOS versions of Telegram come with a built-in night mode. While ‘dark mode’ and ‘night mode’ sound like the same thing, they are two different features. They refer to the visual mode with minimal brightness and adequate contrast levels to maintain legibility. If users spend a lot of time on Telegram, talking with their friends or family members, enabling the dark mode can save their smartphone’s battery and help them use the app in poorly lit surroundings.

Enable Dark Mode on Telegram

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Enabling dark mode on Telegram is easier for Android users. They just have to open the application, tap on the three-bar menu at the top right corner of the interface, and tap on the moon-shaped icon beside their profile picture. It instantly enables dark mode. To disable the dark mode, users have to tap at the same position but on the sun-shaped icon. Then, users should head over to Settings > Chat Settings > Auto-Night Mode for additional optionsOn the other hand, iPhone users can enable dark mode from Settings > Appearance. In the menu, there is a toggle for enabling Night Mode, along with the option to set up Auto-Night mode.

The Auto-Night mode on Telegram allows users to sync their smartphone’s night mode with the application’s appearance. Additionally, users can schedule night mode on their devices. It is essential to mention that Telegram has themes for the dark mode. The theme that uses a slightly greyish background is called ‘Dark.’ The theme that utilizes AMOLED displays to produce deep black backgrounds is called ‘Night.’ Both are located in the Auto-Night Mode menu.