Facebook has a Scrapbook feature that lets users (and their partners) tag photos of their kids to have them automatically added to a picture collection. Since its launch, Facebook has replaced various forms of communication and media consumption for a wide range of audiences. Before social media, people used to watch home videos on tapes and view snapshots in carefully compiled photo albums. Now, in the age of constantly evolving technology, people have the option to upload photos into digital albums, and rather than manually printing photos of their babies to make childhood scrapbooks, parents can actually make one for their kids on an app.

Facebook has previously come under fire for not addressing the app’s harmfulness to its younger demographic. In general, there’s widespread concern over social media’s effects on children, and whether their early exposure to it has more drawbacks than advantages. However, most people who share photos of their kids on Facebook tend to do it to connect with friends and family who may be located in different parts of the world and are only able to receive life updates online.

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When used frequently, Facebook can act as a person’s digital diary. Users can tag photos of their children and have them added to a scrapbook. In order to create one, the child needs to be added as a family member on the parent’s Facebook profile. To do this, launch the Facebook app and tap on the profile photo next to What’s on your mind?. Tap See Your About Info and scroll down to Family Members. Tap on Add a Family Member, enter the name of the child, and under Choose Relationship, pick either Son, Daughter, or Child (gender neutral) from the list to have access to the scrapbook feature. Switch on the toggle next to Add Scrapbook. There’s an option to add the child’s birth year. Choose an audience for the profile update and tap Save. Tap on Get Started on the scrapbook creation page. If the user has a partner added as a family member on their Facebook profile, there will be an option to give them permission to tag the child in photos — switch on the toggle next to the partner’s account and tap Create Scrapbook.

Privacy Risks To Consider

To ensure that the Facebook scrapbook actually gets created, start tagging photos with the child’s name. Tap Tag Photos on the next page and tap on any photo in the account’s albums. Next, hit the tag icon on the top-right corner of the screen, tap the child’s face, and select the child’s name from the generated list (an elephant icon next to their name should signify the parent-child relationship) or type their name. The only way to access the child’s scrapbook is by tapping on their name in any tagged photos. It also can be accessed only through the Facebook mobile apps.

Despite this limitation, creating a Facebook scrapbook still has its merits. It gives parents an easy way to preview any photo on that platform that includes their kid. The tagging can also extend to other people’s photos, making it possible for a user to collect memories of their child from other Facebook accounts. When a user’s child is tagged in someone else’s photo though, that person controls the original audience of the picture — even though the child’s tag shouldn’t cause changes in the audience, other accounts tagged may see the photo that includes the child.

Of course, if a Facebook user is concerned about privacy risks connected to creating a scrapbook for their offspring, tagging them in other people’s photos that may have unknown audiences should be done with precaution. In any case, only the user and their partner can see the child’s tag, so only they will have access to the actual scrapbook. If the parents change their minds about creating a collection of their kid’s photos, they can delete the scrapbook. Tap on the child’s tag in any of the photos, hit Edit on the top-right corner of the screen, select More options, then pick Delete scrapbook. Once Delete is pressed, the child will automatically be untagged from all the photos included in the Facebook scrapbook, will no longer appear in the list of family members, and will not be taggable in any user photos anymore.