Tesla updated the Model S with a new motorized swivel screen that was initially announced last year when the company refreshed the car with the controversial new yoke steering wheel and other design features. Back then, the company said it would fit the vehicle with a 17-inch center display with a left-to-right tilt function. The new design feature is part of Tesla’s efforts to shore up entertainment options in its cars, including the Tesla Theater for movies and video games.

The Model S is Tesla’s top-end luxury electric vehicle and is a direct competitor to the Mercedes EQS sedan and the newly-launched BMW i7 xDrive60 7-series EV. The base dual-motor model is currently listed at $99,900, has a top speed of 155 mph, and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds. The more premium tri-motor Model S Plaid comes at a significant premium and has a $135,990 price tag. It can hit a top speed of 200 mph and goes from 0 to 60 mph in less than two seconds.

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A video posted by Twitter user Larry Li has revealed that Tesla has started adding a factory-equipped, motorized, swiveling central display to its Model S vehicles. The video shows a person tilting the display from left to right, opening the hood, and performing other functions in the car using controls on the touchscreen display. In subsequent tweets, Li confirmed the display itself is factory-equipped, but the powered front trunk (otherwise known as the ‘frunk’) is an aftermarket addition.

Swivel Screens In Tesla Model S

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It is worth noting that Tesla hasn’t officially announced the addition of the new hardware, so it isn’t immediately clear when the change was made. However, Li told Drive Tesla Canada that the vehicle in the video was delivered to the customer on April 29. Unfortunately, there’s no information on what software the car is currently running. As the report points out, Tesla originally announced plans to include the tilt-screen with refreshed Model S and Model X units last year before quietly dropping all references to the feature from its website without an official explanation.

Following the removal of the feature from Tesla’s online brochure for the Model S and Model X, online commentators and the media speculated that the automaker must have run into supply chain issues that forced it to abandon its plans. However, the latest development suggests that the company must have sorted out its supply chain issues now that it’s finally offering the promised feature. Either way, now that Tesla is finally offering a factory-equipped swivel screen on the Model S, people who have pre-ordered the Model X will be hoping that the feature will also be available in their vehicle, as announced earlier.