A new leak about the rumored Pixel Fold reveals some exciting details about the display and even suggests a launch date for Google’s first flexible screen phone. Of course, the foldable display is one of the most critical aspects of the device, so any leaks of this sort are particularly compelling. In this case, it’s a comparison with the size of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Google and Samsung have worked closely together recently, collaborating on Pixel 6 series hardware features. In particular, the Tensor processor was manufactured in Samsung’s foundry and has similar performance to the Exynos 2200. Samsung also partnered with Google in developing Wear OS 3.0, which incorporates some aspects of Samsung’s Tizen operating system for wearables, merging the competing operating systems into one and first appearing in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4.

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Noted display supply chain insider Ross Young has an excellent record, and a recent Tweet suggested the relative size of the long-rumored Google Pixel Fold compared to that of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. The detail mentioned is the cover display size, with the Pixel Fold described as being smaller, even though the main screen will be about the same dimensions. Exact measurements are given for the outer screen, 5.8 inches for Google’s foldable and 6.2 inches for Samsung’s. The reason the inner screen can be the same and the outer differs by nearly half an inch isn’t a matter of larger bezels on Google’s device. Young explains that the aspect ratio of the Pixel Fold will be wider. Since smartphone displays are measured diagonally, just like televisions, a taller and thinner folded phone will have a larger measurement, although the screen area would be smaller. Mathematically, squares have the largest possible area for a particular diagonal measurement. Young also replied to a question about the launch date in the thread, suggesting the Pixel Fold will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Pixel Fold Price & Specifications

Google Pixel Fold Render

Google usually doesn’t aim for high-end pricing, and early rumors suggest the Pixel Fold will cost less than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. If Google’s foldable starts at the expected $1,400, it matches up well with the combined price of a flagship smartphone and a small tablet, making the purchase easier to justify since this single device will serve dual purposes. Early adopters of foldable phones often remark that both the primary and cover screen are used regularly.

Specifications should align with the Pixel 6 series smartphones, possibly featuring a second-generation Tensor processor, at least eight gigabytes of memory, and 128 gigabytes of storage. The cameras are expected to be closer to those of the Pixel 5 than the more advanced Pixel 6 camera bar. Some tradeoffs are inevitable when balancing features with cost, and it sounds like the Google Pixel Fold will be an intriguing and versatile device.