Part of the fun of using Spotify is seeing how your music tastes change over time, and thanks to one website, you can see your listening habits transformed into a digital receipt. One of Spotify’s best features is Spotify Wrapped. Towards the end of each year,  Spotify Wrapped gathers all of your listening from the past year, analyzes it, and gives you your biggest and most interesting stats — such as how much time you spent listening to music, your favorite songs, new artists you discovered, etc. But Wrapped only happens once per year. What if you want to see these stats more often?

That’s where third-party websites come in handy. If you’re OK sharing your Spotify activity with other sites, there are many fun ways to visualize your listening. Stats For Spotify shows simple breakdowns of your top tracks, artists, and genres. Festify transforms your listening data into a festival lineup, while Obscurify lets you see how obscure/random your music preferences are. Spotify’s already collecting and saving your activity in the first place, so you might as well get something cool out of it.

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Another such website is Receiptify. As the name implies, Receiptify looks at your Spotify activity and turns it into a receipt. If you ever wanted to see what your Spotify listening looked like if it was printed out on a Walgreens or Target receipt, that’s pretty much what Receiptify does. Receiptify was created by Michelle Liu in September 2020, with Liu originally announcing it on Twitter by saying, “had an urge to make something today so I spent the day coding this! it generates a ‘receipt’ based on your most-played tracks on Spotify :)).”

How To Use Receiptify To Get Your Own Spotify Receipt

Spotify Girl With Blue Headphones

If you’d like to make your own Spotify receipt, using Receiptify is dead simple. To get started, open the web browser on your phone/tablet/laptop and visit the Receiptify website. Click/tap the green ‘Log in with Spotify’ button at the top of the screen, log in to your Spotify account, and confirm that you’re OK linking Receiptify to your account. Once that’s all done, Receiptify asks if you’d like to see a Spotify receipt based on your last month, six months, or all-time listening. After selecting any of the three options, Receiptify instantly shows your very own Spotify receipt.

The Spotify receipt starts with a fake order number, your name, and the day’s date at the top. Below is a list of your top ten songs, showcasing their names and each song’s length. The receipt summarizes everything by showing an ‘item count’ of your songs, the ‘total’ amount of how long all the songs add up to, a fake card number, and a ‘Thank you for visiting!’ message at the bottom. Combined with the wrinkled receipt paper all of the text is displayed on, it really does look like someone printed out a real receipt for your Spotify account.

Once your Spotify receipt is created, sharing it on social media is a piece of cake. Select the blue ‘Download Image’ button below the receipt to save it to your device’s photo library. Then head to your favorite social media app, upload the photo, and share it like any other image. Just like that, you’ve created and shared your very own Spotify receipt.