An iPhone can make a different sound and buzz uniquely for each person in a user’s contact list, a nice feature that Apple added in iOS 12. Unfortunately, while this option has been around for a while, it isn’t easy to discover how to set it up. The controls are somewhat buried. However, once they are found, they’re easy to use and can make it possible to identify callers instantly.

The iPhone is such a powerful tool for photography, video recording, internet browsing, and more that it’s easy to forget its original purpose is to make and receive telephone calls. But, of course, a smartphone goes beyond what’s possible with an old-fashioned landline since it’s also a computer. Answering a cellular call on a Mac computer, an iPad, or an Apple Watch is pretty amazing, but the iPhone’s tricks don’t stop there. For example, visual voicemail transcribes and makes voice messages readable, and ‘Respond with a Text’ allows quick replies with just a tap.

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One of the most important things to know when a call comes in is who it is, and it’s convenient to find that out before answering. Caller ID doesn’t always work and requires looking at the screen. Apple recognized this need. A custom ringtone that’s tied to a particular person is the solution. To set this up, the user should open the Contacts app and choose someone from the list. Tapping the Edit button in the upper right corner allows changes to be made to the name, address, phone number, email address, and more. This is also where the user can change the ringtone for this caller. After scrolling down and tapping the Ringtone section, several options will appear, and among these, the user can change the Ringtone from the default to a preset or custom selection. New ringtones can be installed fun the iPhone’s Tone Store.

Create New iPhone Vibrations

Apple iPhone 12 Green With Wi-Fi Signal Distorted

It’s also possible to create new vibration patterns for the iPhone. This means that even when the ring is silenced, a caller from the Contacts list can be identified by the type of buzz that the iPhone makes. Haptic feedback is a great tool, allowing silent communication, and Apple makes this available to the user as well. The vibration option appears when setting a custom ringtone.

Tapping Vibration reveals a preset list to choose from. However, it’s really easy to make custom patterns. At the bottom of the list, after choosing Create New Vibration, a touchpad will appear, and the iPhone records the length of any press, as well as the pauses in between, to recreate that pattern as a vibration. For example, the classic ‘Shave and a Haircut’ series of taps is a good one. With the iPhone’s custom vibrations and ringtones, it’s super-easy to identify who is calling even when the mute switch is engaged.